Conspiracy of Hearts

Conspiracy of Hearts

In wartime Italy nuns in a convent regularly smuggle Jewish children out of a nearby internment camp. The Italian army officer in charge suspects what may be going on but deliberately turns a blind eye. When the Germans take over the camp security the nuns' activities become far more dangerous.

In wartime Italy nuns in a convent regularly smuggle Jewish children out of a nearby internment camp. The Italian army officer in charge suspects what may be going on but deliberately turns... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Manolo P (au) wrote: There's a lot in this docummentary that we have to learn. Cowspirancy gives us not only up-to-date information on what seems to be something we all overlook, but it gives us the opportunity to improve certain habits that as responsible for the damages that the planet has had, we are the responsible ones for taking action to correct this degradation. I realize that some of the data seems to be slightly exaggerated and the documentary provides the information in a manipulated way to reconcile the principal idea of the director and therefore to get alarmed. Even in some parts, the content tends to want to amaze and scandalize us and that is not a really good thing. In spite of this, it presents facts that we can not continue to evade and that need to be resolved.

Ravi S (mx) wrote: I really liked this movie.

Thomas H (it) wrote: It never quite lives up to its interesting premise but that doesn't stop it being a shocking and compelling piece of cinema.

Shawn R (au) wrote: Woody Allen need I say more.

Glen A (au) wrote: Complicated. You have to pay attention.

Duff W (es) wrote: Among the best comic book movies ever.

Ben L (ag) wrote: Apparently my sense of humor has shifted as I've grown up. Back when I was in college I first saw MST3K: The Movie without having seen any of the show and I laughed until I was crying. I wanted to check out the whole series and bought the VHS of this film within days of that first rental. Watching it now, more than 15 years since I last saw it, I found myself chuckling rather than outright laughing. I still appreciated the humor, but for some reason it felt too scripted and rehearsed instead of having the off-the-cuff feel I experienced as a naive teenager. The movie is also ridiculously short. It seems they seriously cut some of This Island Earth in order to get MST3K in under 1 hour and 15 minutes. The movie also lacked a lot of really great stuff to joke about. At times I thought they were straining to make a solid joke and kind of fell back on the same gags again and again. I feel like I'm really bashing MST3K, which is not my intent, because it still provided some good humor. Also I can't criticize something that made me laugh so heartily as a teenager. Perhaps if I was watching with the right crowd the laughter would be infectious again, but for now I seem to only have a passing interest in these methods of poking fun at bad cinema. I'd certainly watch it again if asked, but I no longer feel that MST3K is something I need to explore further.

Alyan H (jp) wrote: A Schumacer Classic. A great ansamble cast with a decent screenplay ad story.

Bob S (fr) wrote: really not too good, not even racing related movie

Justin A (us) wrote: Sometimes weird. Sometimes interesting. Sometimes cheesy. Sometimes cheap-looking. Mostly boring as hell. It's two hours of what feels like nonsense. If you want something like the original Exorcist, you won't find it here. If you want something fresh, well, this is totally different but not so "fresh". I would have preferred two hours of Linda Blair tap-dancing to the sleep inducing crap that this movie was. At least that stuff was funny.I tried to think of something in the movie, ANYTHING, that I felt was worthy to not give it the lowest score possible. But there's nothing I can think of. It's one of the few movies where I've struggled to come up with one good thing to say about it. Even the worst movies have some "laugh out loud" kinds of moments. But Exorcist II: The Heretic? It is without any redeeming qualities. You can't really riff the movie because it's too slow and the dialogue and acting isn't bad, just dry. Maybe if this were half an hour shorter it wouldn't be as horrible to watch.And the worst part is you don't even have to compare it to the first movie to recognize how terrible it is. This movie would have been crap all on its own.

Mike V (kr) wrote: One of the first films dealing with issues surrounding a mother leaving her husband and child, and then wanting custody. Great acting from the two leads. Considered to be one of the greatest courtroom drama films of all time. AAW 1001

Huw G (ag) wrote: Inconsistent characters, in a series of CGI filled set pieces, weakly linked and with no apparent care for believability. If you can not worry about that then the over the top action is ok.