A newlywed suspects her husband of being a Communist spy.

On a visit to London, 18 year-old American Melinda Greyton goes to her first party, a Regimental ball. There she meets and falls madly in love with Major Michael Curragh, a handsome ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cooper H (ru) wrote: Ip Man 2 is a more crowded sequel but ups the action. Donnie Yen is once again great in the lead.

Jessica L (fr) wrote: I would watch it but I wouldn't pay movie theatre prices for it.

Grant H (nl) wrote: Great movie. Suspenseful, well-made, with great performances from its three leads.

Jonathan F (br) wrote: A little slow at first but any movie with James Franco is instantly a favorite of mine

Allan D (us) wrote: Great film, very much worth the watch.

Paddy C (ca) wrote: good but cheesy, itll keep the children entertained though

Darren H (us) wrote: The ultimate sex-used-as-a-weapon film; here's an eroto-thriller that's smarter than you.

Nicola W (ru) wrote: Aww Lassie, the things a dog will do to get home to where he belongs. A pretty good new version of this classic, i actually enjoyed it :)

Amanda (br) wrote: Wonderful Movie, Love John Cusack

Nadia C (mx) wrote: A quite strange story based on a Ian McEwan's novel. Jack is the typical adolescent who must deal (if you can say so) with his sexual needs,but he becomes infatuated with his sister,which will lead them to a incestuous relationship...

Par P (br) wrote: I saw this movie when I was about 10 and still enjoyed it now. It has all the classic 60's spy movie traits. James Bond like hero, sexy women, a good story, and some real suspense at times.

IVRt (kr) wrote: Dam.. now killers are going after housewifes.. dam!

KJ P (de) wrote: It may not have the best story, which is what the first two bond films benefitted from, but the action is absolutely brilliant and heart-pounding. Bond is at it again, and as he fakes his death in order to sneak into Japan and earn some ninja sidekicks (sounds cheesy I know). On his 'second life,' he must stop a space terrorist from stealing cargo and starting a nuclear war on earth. This film is very farfetched in terms of it's plot, but the execution is far greater than you would expect. A little overlong and a tad too cheesy, "You Only Live Twice" is not one of the better bond films, but it has some of the best actions sequences.