Consuming Passions

Consuming Passions

Adapted from a play written by two Monty Python vets, this toothy satire launches with a tragic accident at Chumley's chocolate factory when hapless manager Ian Littleton (Tyler Butterworth) accidentally knocks several employees into a huge chocolate vat. The tragic mishap at the chocolate factory results in candy lovers getting an unexpected 'extra' in their sweets.

A tragic mishap at a chocolate factory results in candy lovers getting an unexpected 'extra' in their sweets. The problem is that they want more! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin M (nl) wrote: John Turturro has all the correct elements to make a great and funny film, including Mr. Woody Allen. As with Allen's role he under uses everything and the movie misses its greatness.

Juliana B (ru) wrote: The 4th POTC is my favorite in the series. Plot was less confusing than previous movies, fresh new cast, interesting story. I don't have much bad to say, HOWEVER, the only part of the movie that was a bit WTF was why the filmmakers chose not to resolve the romantic subplot between missionary Philip (Sam Claflin) and mermaid Syrena (Astrid Berges-Frisbey), not even after the credits ended were they given any small scene or explanation as to their fate. She drags him off to the depths but it is supposed to be assumed that their story ends happily. I guess we'll never know but its all a bit confusing and they should've at least given their short story some closure

Daniela A (br) wrote: Even though this is not the most original movie on the romantic comedy field, is by far one of my favourites. It's funny and light, and it doesn't need to get to a depressive point to make you feel happy at the end.

Jason B (jp) wrote: Such a great story - such a weak film.

Jake P (nl) wrote: It references an era that is many times over-glamorized & even though there's the attire, jokes & gags, Diner really gets into the nitty-gritty relationships of this group of friends.

Jenna R (br) wrote: katharinie hepburn puttin the smackdown for feminism once again

Richard R (de) wrote: Enjoyable but not as good as the original.

Eric J (it) wrote: Not A Very Good Film At All, Its Boring And Comes Down To Nothing. "Thumbs Down".

Damerion C (ca) wrote: Mary Robert was so adorable