Contadora Is for Lovers

Contadora Is for Lovers

Helen (Renee Pietrangelo) and Mike (Vincent De Paul) travel to the island of Contadora for a romantic honeymoon. Upon arrival, the couple is greeted by charming Gabriel (Anthony Sago), a romantic dreamer in search of his true sexual identity, and the alluring threesome soon develop an intimate relationship. A love triangle on the island of Contadora.

A love triangle on the island of Contadora. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wissam C (ca) wrote: Transcendental ... Haunting in a good way.

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MarcAndr D (us) wrote: i was actually thinking it was a low budget cut out of the dolittle serie so i wasn't expecting much so i guess that's why i acutally liked it because it delivered more that what i intended still tought the plot of the movie whould have needed a bit more tought...

Sharon H (it) wrote: Most moving movie ever... I have never felt so bad or so good watching a movie in my life. An absolutely must see!

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Leon C (jp) wrote: With slowly-paced shots, the opening of "Here" sets the tone of the rest of the movie. A man, He Zhiyuan, suddenly snaps and strangles his wife. Then, he gets sent to Island Hospital where they specialize in a form of therapy called "videocure". With multiple post-modern pokes at filmmaking, the film is a pseudo-documentary that slowly wears out its welcome because we are treated to more and more patients and less and less story points.Excelling in the areas of mood, visuals and sounds of the medium, "Here" has many threads of subject matter. Hints of a social satire and humour about the craft of filmmaking were not developed and taken advantaged of. Characters are more like symbols or representations of something the movie is trying to say.Despite scant hints of a love interest in fellow patient, Beatrice, "Here" is like its main character: elliptical and at times frustratingly emotionless. The film, however, fares slightly better than Zhiyuan's speech impediment. "Here" has many things to say but why does it have to whisper?

Leena R (gb) wrote: An excellent account of a young man's search for his place, identity and acceptance. His father never got the idea, did he? And that dreamy Jesse Spencer, awww...

Steve R (au) wrote: So much more enjoyable than I remembered. A fun action film.

Sam F (kr) wrote: This is possibly the saddest movie I've ever seen... Richard Pryor so obviously succombing to sickness and none of the jokes have their usual quality because of it.

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