While on duty, a hospital security guard is overpowered by hallucinations and bizarre sounds as he discovers an apparent suicide, a mysterious child and a slew of menacing creatures that haunt the hallways. Trapped inside with no way out, he must track down the elusive child and fight against the shadowy beasts and visceral nightmares that invade his reality in this frightening chiller from director Chris Schwartz.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Containment 2006 full movies, Containment torrents movie

After a deranged scientist releases a group of experimental creatures and commits suicide, a security guard loses his grip on reality. Atop unexplained hallucinations of a strange child and... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Containment torrent reviews

Thomas Leon F (gb) wrote: One of the worst movies ever!

Chok S (kr) wrote: Even with some cool concepts still can't save SADAKO 3D from its cheap scares, laughable CG effects, irrelevant story, and plot holes [C-]

Aman A (us) wrote: Long and complete, I had to take multiple sittings to finish this documentary but it was well worth it. It took an as unbiased approach a documentary can. It showed the bad and the good in a simple non-judgmental manner, almost like a rastafari! It did not make Bob Marley God as he is in Jamaica but showed glimpses of why he attained that position, at the same time did not make him the devil of drugs which some people claim him to be. Great watch for music lovers and Marley fans!

Andres Felipe B (nl) wrote: Gran duelo actoral entre Polanski (si, actuando protagnico) y Depardieu. Impecable guin, y magistral direccin de Tornatore.

Martin D (ru) wrote: House of Angels is the name of the great house and its estate, which suddenly finds itself without an owner when Erik Zander (played by Per Oscarsson) dies at the beginning of the movie. Then they most believe that there is no heir to the house will take most for granted that the village's big farmer Axel Flogflt (Sven Wollter) will buy the house at auction.In the midst of the funeral so doing, however, Fanny (Helena Bergstrm) entrance of the church, and there is also the starting point for a lot of reactions from the village's permanent residents who shun change, and people who do not remain within the village's standards.Fanny and Zack (Richard Wolff) - the film's main characters are all inhabitants of the village really dread over and decadence is reinforced by the fact that the couple come directly from Berlin, where they have just spent their last Cabaret, "Carribian by Night"

Greg W (kr) wrote: An important historical film set between 1938 and 1945.

Caitlin L (ru) wrote: Great movie. Took a while to get into. A little long as well. Great pairing. Hugh Jackman soaped up- OMG!!!

Randall H (jp) wrote: I almost feel shame for having watched this whole movie. How anyone over 25 could enjoy this movie is beyond me. An endless stream of obscenities does not make a movie funny. Ridiculous antics by cops are not funny. Puke gags and worse, are not funny. I just signed up for Rotten Tomatoes because I could not believe that 87% of people liked it! That ratings makes me seriously worry about our society. I wish I could give this negative 5 stars!

Moore S (de) wrote: not bad at all. great cast, good themes

Don S (au) wrote: Watched this last one ... Great way to catch up on Shakespearean classics