Content is an ambient 21st-century road movie, an associative film essay inspired by driving’s trancelike state rather than any linear unfolding of the road.

Between a deceased father and a young boy, Chris Petit wonders and wanders through concepts of the past and self-identity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Melissa C (ru) wrote: the best documentary movie ever

Heather M (jp) wrote: This was another great family friendly Flicka story.

Clintus M (es) wrote: This is a hidden gem from director Rob Reiner, reconnecting him with Morgan Freeman from The Bucket List. If you enjoyed that film, you'll probably like this one as well. This concerns a journey through life's turmoil, although without the presence of Nicholson-much less acerbic. Belle Isle is a beautiful, tender story about characters you really care about. Like Bucket List, this movie is about second chances in life, making the best of what time you have left. I appreciated that it had a theme for every stage of life, although it centered on Monte Wildhorn (Freeman). The intersection of his life with the newly-divorced mother and children of varying ages next door was the perfect complement and foil for Wildhorn. The film does venture into schmaltzy, Hallmark territory, but just go with it. Allowing yourself simply to be inspired and entertained won't hurt.One criticism: The sort-of romantic angle between Monte Wildhorn and Charlotte O'Neil (Virginia Madsen) seemed forced, not plausible or realistic to me. Madsen was quoted as saying that her on-screen relationship with Freeman (albeit brief) was the first on-screen romance in his long, storied career. Kudos to Reiner, then for thinking outside the box.

(mx) wrote: Danish horror film with great sound effects and some scary moments.

cli o (jp) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Marie H (mx) wrote: I can't get the last few seconds out of my head.

Jessica H (au) wrote: Ryan is better off playing the romantic interest.

Claigh Y (ca) wrote: * Final heist scene is extremely funny, but a lot of the rest of the film falls flat. * Michael Jeter is brilliant! * Film did drag slightly despite not being overly long.

Petros T (mx) wrote: It has a fun premise and good action but it is overlong and surprisingly melodramatic at times.

Harry S (nl) wrote: Was A Funny Film. Not Fantastic But Funny In Places.

alex f (de) wrote: started off pretty funny but never really got beyond atlantic city (10 mins in)... its a shame cuz there some great little comedic bits that never really were matched by the rest of the movie. sorry larry.

Irvin C (ag) wrote: This one is tough. First of all, I think Seijun Suzuki is an excellent director with such wonderfully pulpy works like "Gate of Flesh" and "Tokyo Drifter". This one seems like it would be in one of those veins but, I don't know, if I didn't know any better I would think whoever edited this might have been high or drunk or something. The plot involves a association of hit men. After one of them botches an assignment, the rest of the hit men all try to kill him. This film has a lot of great moments and great scenes but it seems strangely put together. It seems trying to be a Godard flick when it's not. Don't get me wrong: I liked it a hell of a lot. It has moments of pure brilliance but the too avant-garde editing which made me confused at certain points prevented me from completely loving it. I may change my mind in a few days after thinking about it.

Andrea R (gb) wrote: Always love a good possession film