Continental Divide

Continental Divide

A hard-nosed Chicago journalist has an unlikely love affair with an eagle researcher.

A hard-nosed Chicago journalist has an unlikely love affair with an eagle researcher. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mel K (gb) wrote: Pathetic girl, pathetic movie. Seriously I see they put a lot of efforts in this movie and I got the meaning of it like how people shouldn't post their life on facebook and stuff like that. But couldn't she just explain everything and show everything to the cops, to facebook (I still don't get why she didn't personally meet the facebook staff and tell her problems, and try to figure it out instead of brushing it off like nothing is happening til someone dies) If this happened to me, I'd make it the whole world news like grab my computer, show them what exact things are happening to me! God I barely finished the movie and I'm actually very disappointed at the movie, its not worth watching, I'd advice people not to waste time on this crap. Oh and the ending? Well she turns the next "that" girl she was so afraid of. I didn't expect the ending to be happy ever after but seriously?

Harry W (fr) wrote: This time round, the attacking teenagers are practically empty handed and have to rely on the writing of 80's brat pack filmmakers to plot out the rescue and escape. Honestly, it's enjoyable. Getting to see a young Kevin Dillon (Platoon, Entourage) and Marc Price (Skippy from Family Ties) out and up for adventure makes a much less violent Teenager vs. Terrorist adventure thats more kid friendly but still enjoyable.The Rescue is actually made with good quality film making, talented acting and a sense of realism as well as fun and adventure as a theme to a rescue film. Never getting too silly or too ridiculous, The Rescue is a rather enjoyable brat pack adventure with a tale Ted cas and obvious good intentions. It also consists of good film editing and well shot cinematography. The Rescue is a pleasure that never becomes remotely guilty

Terry O (gb) wrote: Very disappointing, still watching it. Would not care if they all died shame that, I like Sean Bean but he is not scoring any goals, Danny Dyer is not kicking anyone's head in and the sfx are poop! Alex Rodger would prob give it 4 stars. How can a war film be so shit.

Marisa R (nl) wrote: Very entertaining! The production is outstanding, great music, excellent photography, colorful luscious visuals and amazing Punjabi theme. I was very pleased with the music, and light heartedness of the story. I was also impressed at the great job they did in presenting cricket, I was indeed interested in it as a sport. Nonetheless the feminist attempt failed in my opinion. Accepting the male hero as a intolerant spoiled and grumpy individual is incompatible with a gender empowering effort. I see how the final speech was meant to be redeeming, but still didn't do a good job to present a gender equal message. Overall, good Indian entertainment!

Brandon V (ru) wrote: Bitingly funny, with well-written music and phenomenal art direction. It's a neat idea for a film all around, bringing a unique and refreshing light onto one of the deepest, most painful human experiences - unrequited love, particularly of the gay teenage variety. A few underdeveloped plot points and a slow start should not deter you from this quirky musical experiment akin to "Hedwig and the Angry Inch."

Meg S (it) wrote: this movie is bad. _lilya 4 ever_ is a much better movie about a similar topic.

Rupert B (nl) wrote: I hate when movies are structured like this. It doesn't help when the plot is this boring and the direction is this bland. I guess George Clooney gave a good performance. 3/10

MF J (jp) wrote: Probably one of my favorite Lucio Fulci horror film, this little jewel is worth watching for the incredible death scenes and the creativity shown towards the creation of make up, masks and gory effects. From a purely visual point, the film is a beautiful nightmare, filled with weird camera angles, over the top blood splattered deaths and of course a vintage soundtrack filled with 80's synthesizers... a cult and little classic in my opinion!

Kenny N (ag) wrote: Steve Martin is one of the most underrated screenwriters of all time. All of the movies he's written ("Roxanne," "L.A. Story") just contain brilliant jokes and satire. He does for Los Angeles what Woody Allen did for New York City. His genius shines all over this brilliant sleeper that expertly skews the world of moviemaking. Eddie Murphy is funny in both of his roles, something he hasn't always managed since this movie. By all means, watch this. It's a lot of fun.

Ashish V (nl) wrote: This is a homage to Urdu poetry, Indian multiculturalism and to the forgotten people and forgotten times. Why is there a trend to pay respects to poets (and other artists) only after their death?

Eric R (ca) wrote: In the coldness of space... even Hell freezes over - "Dead Space" TaglineWhy is that bad movies always have the best taglines? Look at it. Isn't it thing of beauty? Sadly "Dead Space" actually lives more up to its title as one really has to have 'dead space' between their ears to love this remake. What? Did I just type the word 'remake'? "Dead Space" is a remake? No way! Yes "Dead Space" (also released in Europe as "Biohazard") is a 1990 remake of the 1982 film "Forbidden World." Out of all the films you could think of that would warrant a remake, I guarantee "Forbidden World" was not one of the films thought of. The DVD box artwork claims this is a "loose remake." Loose? Bullshit! This film is so much like "Forbidden World" that they might as well ripped off the title page of the script to "Forbidden World" and replaced it with a title page that read "Dead Space." That's how close these two films are! Don't believe me? Watch them back-to-back and they are almost the exact same film, just this one is shittier. Since they are so much alike get ready for numerous comparisons to "that other film."Like "Forbidden World", our "Alien" rip-off plot has a space mercenary (Marc Singer) and his robot sidekick respond to a distress call from a scientific research station. After blowing up some spaceships of some unknown enemy (utilizing stock footage from "Battle Beyond the Stars", just like "that other film"...hmmmm) he arrives and discovers that the team has had a biological creation bust loose and has started killing off the crew one by one and it's up to him to destroy it.Since the plot is the same as "that other film", the filmmakers wisely decided to give this film a different look. "Forbidden World" had warm colors with lots of reds and oranges. "Dead Space " has the opposite with cool and sterile colors, meaning lots of white, black and blues. I'll commend them on that as at least they attempted there to distance this picture from "that other film" in that respect. The scientists here also look and act more like real scientists whereas in "that other film" the scientists were goofballs or sluts. The best part of this remake though is Marc fucking Singer as he really seems like a space mercenary unlike that toad of a guy from "that other film."Other than those aspects "Dead Space" fails miserably on all other accounts making this a worse picture than "that other film." First of all the directing is boring. Director Allan Holzman had a little more pizzazz and gave "Forbidden World" a cool 80's new wave look. Fred Gallo gives "Dead Space" a unflattering "direct-to-video" look. The special effects are much worse and less creative than its counterpart and our creature is reduced to a badly made stiff puppet by the end. Third is the sets and like the special effects, they are boring and cheap looking unlike the inspired sets of "that other film" (which were of course leftovers from "Galaxy of Terror." The score? What score? "That other film" had a cool retro 80's scoundtrack and I can't even remember the stock score for this picture. Though we get a topless scene, fans of the gratuitous nudity in "that other film" are going to be sorely disappointed.After all that we have a lame, pointless remake of a trashy enjoyable classic. Marc Singer may be a better choice for a space mercenary but his presence isn't enough for this remake to rise to the occasion. I recommend skipping it unless you're a curious movie lover like me who wanted to see how Roger Corman could fuck up a remake of an older classic of his. Released on DVD in a double feature with "The Terror Within."