Continental, un film sans fusil

Continental, un film sans fusil

The lives of four people intertwine after the disappearance of a man who wanders into the forest.

The lives of four people intertwine after the disappearance of a man who wanders into the forest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Continental, un film sans fusil torrent reviews

Noppawan A (de) wrote: This film is a cute and funny film about a Turkish-ethnic family in Germany which provokes thoughts as well as entertain. The casts are well-selected. I like it a lot.

Maciek K (ru) wrote: Saw the film with the director's Q&A afterwords. A remarkable film considering that the he wasn't even born during most of the films events which cover the early years of the AIDS epidemic. Finally Richard Berkowitz gets his due acknowledgment. He was a pariah in the gay community for advocating safe sex right from the beginning while the rest of the gay activists even Larry Kramer were embroiled in the political ramifications of Berkowitz and Michael Callen's claims. With the unfortunate the rise of HIV infection rates their message is all too timely.

Debanjan C (es) wrote: Apart from a stunning Olivia Wilde, this movie is pretty much horrible and a big mess.

Yash B (ru) wrote: This is a smart and original movie that is just as magical as any Disney animation. I had a lot of fun watching this movie. Unique premise full of laughs and heart.

riririss n (fr) wrote: film mikir yg gr2 ni film makanya aku bnran mikir...huhuhuhu....kreeeen banget.....

Nina R (jp) wrote: Ttkn elokuvaa en ole nhnyt ensimmist kertaa omasta tahdostani. Viime kesisell kaurismki-maratoonilla huomasin ett elokuva on aika mukavasti kuvattu ja vrej on kytetty hyvin.

Cory B (au) wrote: Amazing movie. Amazing actors. Amazing story. This is just a very well thought out, very well made movie. Another movie with a critics score lower than the audience score. I've been seeing more and more of these which begs the question....who are these critics and why do we really need them? Let the audience score be the true indicator. The sample is much larger and therefore a more accurate portrayal of how good, or bad, a movie really is.

Florence (jp) wrote: Allan Quatermain (Richard Chamberlain) e Jesse Huston (Sharon Stone) voltam a se encontrar nesta aventura. Desta vez, quem est desaparecido Robeson (Martin Rabbett), irmo de Alain, que foi floresta africana em busca de uma tribo perdida. quando Quatermain descobre a Cidade do Ouro, dominada pelo terrvel tirano Agon (Henry Silva).

Stephen C (it) wrote: Stanley Donen Followed Charade with another piece of ace Hitchcock like thriller . This time Gregeory Peck is caught up with Arabs and a Beautiful Sophia Loren. The film is very mod 60s and packed with great set pieces and Henry Mancinis fab score . Donen also adds a good sense of Humour into the mix and one rareley becomes bored by the whole thing ,a fun comedy thriller with plenty of snap and pace

James O (it) wrote: Anthony Hopkins drags the film into good territory all by himself. He still owns the screen in every film. Worth watching for him. The rest of the cast are mediocre. An interesting plot which annoyingly s done an injustice by the ending. No one who could pull off the perfect crime would commit such a simple error and it really is one of those films where you wish the bad guy came out on top. Shame but Hopkins is class all day and it was decent watch.

TJ H (fr) wrote: Extremely unlikeable characters and very slow paced movie. Jessica Lange gives an absolutely fantastic performance, but other than that the movie is just plain dull and depressing.

Sawyer W (ru) wrote: Good movie. Until the end. Then it just puked on itself.

Erin D (fr) wrote: have to admit, it didn't hold my interest, despite the Beatles reference. nice soundtrack.

Gabriel K (kr) wrote: A well-made coming-of-age drama set in 80's England. The acting is excellent throughout, and the story is engaging with some colorful characters, but tends to get preachy and capitalizing too much on "politically correct" conclusion.

amareona b (fr) wrote: i like it it was actually a good

Dimitri C (us) wrote: Well produced and intelligent, "Nina Forever" may just be hard to watch due to this extrem slowness. Every thing is pure delight.