Contra la pared

Contra la pared


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Contra la pared torrent reviews

Robin W (ca) wrote: This is a nearly impossible movie to rate since it's a tongue-in-cheek recreation of the schlocky exploitation films of the past, which means the shoddier it is, the more successful it is; please note that the positive star rating is STRICTLY for those who enjoy this type of film and anyone who's never even heard of the name Herschell Gordon Lewis need not apply! It's meant as a modern homage to the films of Mr. Lewis (who also has a brief cameo), containing deliberately fake gore effects and campy acting and, on that level, it works; it's also a lot more fun to sit through than most of Lewis' films since it's got better pacing and a great self-referential sense of humour. It's helped immeasurably by the performance of B-movie icon David Hess, who chews the scenery beautifully and keeps the movie entertaining whenever he's on screen; appearances by genre veterans Michael Berryman and Ray Sager add to the fun, though adult film star Sasha Grey's first non-porn performance is pretty wooden and undistinguished. It's also worth noting that my opinion of this film is completely biased since I went through the surreal experience of watching this film at the Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa... while scenes that were filmed inside the Mayfair took place on the screen in front of me!

Frank N (mx) wrote: Satire that doesn't manage to capture its audience, although it's fun to see the all the semi-stars from back in the 80s and 90s.

Akshay R (mx) wrote: A standard Puri Jagannath action film, salvaged by Allu Arjun's stellar performance.

Pablo G (de) wrote: 3.9/5While basic in the way its made, Grizzly Man is a powerful and emotional documentary that is very competently directed thanks to Werner Herzogs expertice.

Tanner S (es) wrote: I like that allot. Is this cool?

Tabatha D (de) wrote: I love this Movie any Artist who doesn't like this movie is an [email protected]!!!!!

Sweetie C (us) wrote: This is a good one to

Nikki Alice L (ag) wrote: i love this Casper this Casper movie is the only one anyone should watch. This Casper movie is that great.

Brian C (ca) wrote: Tron is lots of fun. WIth a mix of live-action, state of the art (at the time) animation, and a really interesting novel story, this movie delights the eyes and really makes you wonder what happens inside of the computer

Justin A (ru) wrote: There are some fun dance numbers and a few very catchy songs, but the movie as a whole is a bit underwhelming. Just kind of expect more, given the cast. It's thin on plot, shoving in several musical numbers just to keep things going. Fred Astaire may be the one known for his dancing, but my favorite dance number in the entire movie actually goes to Audrey Hepburn in the lounge.It's an okay movie. Not the highlight of anyone's career though.

Shawn R (br) wrote: Glad I watched it. Excellent dialog of the girl even if unrealistic that someone ever talks like that in real life. What an ornery cuss.

Alex F (ru) wrote: Really nice, feel good comedy, pretty funny, nice original story, great script and neat performances.

Michael T (de) wrote: Viewed as an historical archive, this is a fascinating mix of animation and documentary.