Cigarette smugglers in Naples run into problems with cocaine operations being set up by a rival smuggler. Full of violence, including a women's face being burned off with a blow torch and a graphic rape scene.

Cigarette smugglers in Naples run into problems with cocaine operations being set up by a rival smuggler. Full of violence, including a women's face being burned off with a blow torch and a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin S (ag) wrote: Ahh, its not bad. I actually thought it was more drama than horror. As a drama it wasn't bad 3-4stars. As a horror, and it failed.

Tommy B (ca) wrote: Funny but small budget nonsense.

Carlos T (ag) wrote: Fundamentally, The Woman in the Fifth brings nothing new to cinema but nonetheless displays the artistic brilliance of director Pawel Pawlikowski. The film centres around Ethan Hawke as a Tom who tries to gain custody of his daughter whilst writing a novel in Paris. Pawlikowski utilises different motifs to show the inward struggles and compelling emotions the characters deal with. For some, the film can feel rather bland and the last third can feel especially slow. The Woman in the Fifth overall is an interesting film but it's nothing remarkable.

Eliabeth R (nl) wrote: Sdica, sucia, sin sentido y sin araas...totalmente ilgica e irracional

Bob B (de) wrote: Not the best film in this genre I've seen, but far from the worst. Nate's experience helps Andy find direction for his life with his young son, which was an unexpected sub plot.

Los R (br) wrote: Solid acting, but 5 stars just because I love the message of the movie.

Harley M (jp) wrote: Tense and far more frightening than I would have expected while also being sweet and playful. A very well made movie. I like to think that NORAD as a whole adopted David in the aftermath.

Angela B (au) wrote: Best dancing on film.

Anthony I (ag) wrote: A godawful comedy. Really, It's kind of a waste of time. Imagine "The Grand Budapest Hotel", stripped of creativity, intelligence and sheer effort. The first two skits are the worst pieces to ever be put to celluloid. The third one by Robert Rodriguez is kind of clever, but not particularly funny. The only skit I liked was the fourth one by Quentin Tarantino. It's the best of the four, and it encapsulates the Hollywood obsession of him in the 90's. His parody of himself is dead-on, well filmed and hilarious. But it's not worth sticking around for, especially after watching three pretty dreadful short films just to get to it. Thank goodness it's over.

James S (de) wrote: A fun film with great characters and some really great animation sequences. Accompanied by a brilliant soundtrack (courtesy of Hans Zimmer and John Powell) this film is worth a watch if you haven't seen it already.

Christopher Q (es) wrote: This film tries so hard to be something it's not.

Stephen C (au) wrote: They really dont make them like this epic anymore and despite a slow start this really is a great western.The film does have a story as we follow the trails and tribulations of the Prescott family who become part of American History as the Wild west begins to take shape.Three directors have a hand in crafting the story dealing as it does with the Wild Rivers,Wagon Trains ,The Civil War ,The Railroad and Outlaws.Of all the sequences in the film its the last two which really kick into high gear with buffalo stampedes and an excilting train robbery sequence with George Peppard battling with Eli Wallachs bad guy.The cast is of course stellar with appearances from the Likes of John Wayne,Henry Fonda and James Stewart.Spencer Tracy adds quality narration and yyou can see that the 15 million dollars was well spent bringing this film to the screen.Of the directors its Henry Hathaway who brings the most out of The Cinerama scope ,although i would have loved to see more of John Fords Civil war section as it was all too brief.A huge epic in places then but amid all the scope there is some detail in the story.

kelly m (br) wrote: It was a slow pace. I thought it was so so

Gus R (mx) wrote: probably one of the most anxiety-inducing films I've seen in my life. But it was fantastic, and totally worth watching.