Different life stories connected by a bag of medications.

Different life stories connected by a bag of medications. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Contrabando torrent reviews

Asad C (ag) wrote: Cheap comedy, cheap action and nothing more.

Jason B (ru) wrote: Fabulous martial arts movie. Keanu thinks he's Nicolas Cage.

Dan R (kr) wrote: It has a good cast, but it's self important, vacant garbage. I don't know how I find these things.

Andy F (es) wrote: Utterly wonderful - a dark, fantastical tale and a cinematographic masterpiece.

Melanie D (ru) wrote: Not as good as Kidulthood

Daniel V (fr) wrote: I gave this movie a C+

Kevin H (kr) wrote: Charming, if slightly imbalanced British comedy with more than enough heart and whimsical creative touches to make up for its few directorial stumbles and a slow beginning. The premise is marvelous and the script is quick and witty, well complimented by the superb cast - the endlessly underrated Alfred Molina excels in a much needed lead role, and his loveable charisma and perfect comic timing make for a sublime lead. Brenda Blethyn is lovely and wonderfully irreverent as the titular Betty, and Christopher Walken is nothing less than flat out side-splitting, given full reign for his quirky eccentricities. With great support from Lee Evans, Robert Pugh and a hysterical cameo from Naomi Watts as laughably whorish secretary, Undertaking Betty makes its mark as one of the most unpretentiously enjoyable and loveably barmy comedies of the year, easily worth a watch.

Shark M (jp) wrote: Surprisingly a pretty good movie.

David (au) wrote: Cyndi's first movie!! Totally Awesome!! One of my all time favorites!!!!

Duncan K (es) wrote: Dudley Moore disowned this film for a very good reason.

Beryl A (fr) wrote: tek luwe ka in gi nga'ma go, koko ebathi. Nice cast.... apart from one annoying one....

Ralph R (ca) wrote: I'll eat an Irish grape farmer's Scottish terrier before I watch this eggnog-o-rama.