Contract is a Hindi film by Ram Gopal Verma, where the story revolves around an ex-commando man, Aman, whose wife and daughter are killed in a terrorist attack. A top undercover cop then approaches Aman to collaborate with him to hunt the mastermind of these terrorist attacks Sultan, who is planning another big attack on the city of Mumbai. With meticulous planning, Aman infiltrates the underworld gangs to reach Sultan, the chief mentor.

After witnessing the brutal death of his family, an embittered ex-army officer agrees to infiltrate a gang of terrorists. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Contract torrent reviews

Makayla L (de) wrote: Fantastic! What a great surprise! Loved the cast and Romola Garai was wonderful, as was Nighy. Treat to watch Eddie too. :) I would recommend this to anyone looking for a suspensful/creepy film! Well done!

Charlie J (gb) wrote: Another attempt to film Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Valmont was released just one year after Stephen Frears's Dangerous Liaisons, this time directed by Milos Forman. This was Forman's next film after Amadeus and even brings along Jeffrey Jones, Ian McNiece, and Vicent Schiavelli to you remind you just how good Amadeus was. Well, Valmont is no Amadeus. In fact, it is not even Dangerous Liaisons. The story is very similar. This time, a very young Colin Firth tries Valmont but unfortunately is compared to John Malkovich from the previous year's film. Firth is great, but Malkovich was Valmont. There is also a very young and new Annette Bening as Marquise de Merteuil and she definitely pales in comparison to Glenn Close's Marquise. Valmont is missing the bite and sting of the dialogue which this story is made for. The verbal sparring between Valmont and the Marquise should be dialogue the audience remembers afterwards for its cleverness, but this iteration lacks the tension and the smarts. Milos Forman could have easily used the same costumes and set design he used in Amadeus, but Valmont just seems lazy compared to that effort. For newcomers to this story, watch Dangerous Liaisons instead. Watch Cruel Intentions for a laugh if you want the next generation's attempt at it.

James W (jp) wrote: Alligator in the sewers? Are you kidding me? This movie is completely preposterous. Not only was the John Sayles script weak and defied any logic but Lewis Teague's directing was lazy and uninspired. Too many times did scenes change only for the convenience to defer any explanation. And usually followed with amateurish dialog. Obviously no research was done by the writer or director to give any logic. The scientist apparently knows nothing about alligators. Just a pretty face, with no use in helping to tell the narrative. And don't get me going about the gator hunter. What a idiot. Robert Forrester did the best he could with this material. A great actor, wasted in this garbage. Watch at you own risk.

Tyler H (mx) wrote: Strange Japanese movie shot in English with some characters speaking English phonetically with odd pronunciations. Cesar Romero was a highlight, and that Mackenzie guy seemed a little..festive. Odd dialog and a mental Lion-bird left me feeling strange.

Yuuka T (ag) wrote: Pretty good stuff. Definitely one of the better Thai horror movies. It`s a tiny bit annoying in the sense that some scenes ended being a dream in a dream in a dream and then of course the bits where it was a movie within the movie. Overall quite chilling even without the cheap jumps and shrill noises. I feel it would have been a five star movie if they had focused on the one situation instead of branching out into three other subplots just for the sake of adding more ghostly hauntings.

Scott R (nl) wrote: A straight forward advocate of union miners, effective.

Elaine E (us) wrote: it's like victor/victoria & yentl but with katharine hepburn(!) very exciting for me :D

Jason J (ca) wrote: One of those stupid films you watch after coming home from the pub on a Saturday night. Good storyline but let down by crappy acting, awful SFX and rubber creatures. Disengage brain before watching.

Kaleb R (au) wrote: ...Why do they all have long hair??? Is it the angst of adolescence? Goblet of Fire feels like it should be better than it is. It has all the elements of success: exciting new characters, dangerous competition, romance, and devious undertones. These exciting surface level encounters seem to make up for the lack of depth in the 4th Harry Potter installment.

Kevin C (mx) wrote: Liked this a lot. The hazy summer of '76 perfectly recreated with Bowie, ice pops and 10p phone boxes.Its full of clich (C), but is a poignant look at those last weeks of school and childhood. And its funny with a cracking Bowie/ELO score by the kids.

Alexander R (de) wrote: Brave Americans have been saving the world in cinematograph for many-many years (mostly from aliens and terrorists). This time though it wassomething unbelievably fresh. The world have been saved by Americanstogether with English from...dragons(!) future! Such wow! all senses. Don't get me wrong, i did like themovie, but mostly due to the cast. Mcconaughey did his job exquisitelyonce again. One will find him in a very unusual role here (not that ibarely recognized him or something, i did, and was even really amazed).For Bale - well job as well. The plot and the actualization are cheesybut it could be worse (there are lots of similar movies which aretrashy). But this one is quite fascinating, sometimes even intriguing.So i would recommend to watch it just for one time. Evening, beer,pizza and Mcconaughey killing dragons - a pretty nice kit for having agood time, don't you think?