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Contraluz torrent reviews

janelle p (ca) wrote: it is the best movie

Juliano K (it) wrote: perfeito, kkkkkkk bobo como deve ser!

Wahida K (au) wrote: Family isn't just about talking. It's about understanding.

Mani K (ag) wrote: This is a movie , which I watched after around seven years from release and there are a few things in this movie, which makes it pleasant . The director is well known for taking up very different and difficult types of themes. Had been skeptical of the pace and content of movie . But this is one among a few Indian movies which stand good among international drama films, that can touch human emotion, when viewed with a different standpoint.

Steve D (jp) wrote: twisted and clearly not for everyone (bestiality anyone?) but its manic sense of humor makes it far better than the much more beloved "The Mask"

Shane T (fr) wrote: best movie portraying Hispanics in the barrio doing whatever it takes to get there claim to fame with alot of obstacles along the way having to overcome feats of being minorities in the city life's a risk and they take every risk possible to survive

Rendan L (de) wrote: A slow desent into madness coupled with a terrifying ending. The Vanishing is a one of a kind thriller.Grade: A-

Ed Fucking H (au) wrote: Now this is a Horror movie. Pretty much has everything I look for in horror, and all at the same time. Gore, suspense, mystery, surrealism, humour, disturbingness etc. Not a dull moment to be found here. The whole thing comes off as the nightmare of the child. Not many other movies fit as much into 80 minutes as this one does. While not relying on gore fore scares, there is enough of it here to satisfy the gorehounds, but really this film works more fore it's imagery than anything else. The whole thing really is bizarre, and unlike anything else, even if it reminds you of a fuckload of your favourite movies at the same time. Good stuff for sure. A must see.

Camille L (ca) wrote: Bob Rafelson n'a absolument rien a raconter mais le duo Jeff Bridges - Arnold Schwarzenegger se laisse regarder tant les acteurs sont excellents. Quant a Sally Field, elle est toujours aussi adorable. Certaines scenes sont exemplaires et le film est assez rythme pour eviter d'ennuyer le spectateur. Stay Hungry est une comedie typique des 70's.

Orlok W (ag) wrote: Mysterious and horrifying atmosphere and intense sequences of terror and shocking in its ending--A kinky and disturbing offering that definitely lives up to its name!!

Aaron O (it) wrote: For a movie with the word "Riot" in its name, you would expect raunchy, violent and hilarious antics of unimaginable pre-portions...Nope, just a movie about a crappy dinner party.