Convent of Sinners

Convent of Sinners

Convent of Sinners is the story of Susanna, a young girl who is raped by her own father and sent to a convent for her sins, where she falls in love with a priest. The other nuns, however, are jealous and angry, they want Susanna for themselves, and accuse her of being possessed by the Devil.

Convent of Sinners is the story of Susanna, a young girl who is raped by her own father and sent to a convent for her sins, where she falls in love with a priest. The other nuns, however, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean P (ag) wrote: This second documentary places more doubt to their guilt. The film seems to give more emphasis to John Byers, but I doubt he was responsible for those murders. Even after a week, this movie has stayed with me. Are they guilty? It doesn't look that way. If they didn't do it, then who did it? A lot of the investigation was made to appear shortsighted, and maybe a little biased.

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