Detective Ben Walls finds himself in a modern day Dante world, passing back and forth between the present and the future. Surrounded by the residents seeking redemption, Ben is left with the task to find a way out.

The movie focuses on Detective Ben Walls who must embarkĀ on a journey to find out exactly what happened to him when he finds himself trapped in a mysterious hospital that serves as a gateway between heaven and hell. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Convergence torrent reviews

Noah Z (us) wrote: I was ok till the last minute of the movie with the WORST ENDING EVER!!

Timm S (us) wrote: Unassuming But Brilliant. Follows The Mundane Parts Of Life In Small Town That All Link Back To An Ailing-Failing Business (Rollerskate Rink) Following The MTV Generation As They Search For Meaning.

Riley H (kr) wrote: Short but to the point.

Robert B (nl) wrote: Heights is an urban drama with intersecting lives and stories. It is a relatively light film where one observes the interactions between the characters, has insights, and is not so much engaged with them; it is more pensive than emotional. The acting and filmmaking are good and I recommend it for those who are in the mood for this kind of film.

Mook M (br) wrote: My shit...lisaraye fine ass

Tea B (ru) wrote: It's not all cool runnings.

Christie B (gb) wrote: weird weird weird movie. I really dont remember how it ended but i remember the middle and it had really no point but it was one you just couldnt stop watching.

Joe R (gb) wrote: It is so cheesy and corny, but somehow I don't hate it. It's a guilty pleasure movie for sure.

Dinofoux O (nl) wrote: Tormented scientist Genichiro Shiragami creates a mutation crossed with Godzilla, a rose, and his daughter's cells called Biollante. This is a very interesting setup, allowing the introduction of bio weapons to the franchise. Because of this several countries are in a race to get the cells. This movie has an overall better pacing than the last. As for the effects Koichi Kawakita has done a good job. The monsters look great and their fight is unlike previous films. In the end this Godzilla film dabbles in new ideas to much success.

Crystal W (jp) wrote: Good movies I 've seen some of Chuck Norris movies all good.

Olivier B (us) wrote: un film introuvable aujourd'hui car malheureusement pas reedite en dvd, jamais diffuse non plus, cet ovni de la science fiction cinematographique a ete realise par robert altman avec paul newman, fernando rey,vitorio gassman entres autres

Jenny H (gb) wrote: OK, I admit that I fell asleep during part of it. But Sean did manage to reduce the accent. And Brigitte Bardot is beautiful and handy with a rifle.

Max M (fr) wrote: The last of the great 'Ranown' cycle of westerns starring Randolph Scott, produced by Harry Joe Brown (hence the production company's name - Ran for Randoph and Own for Brown), written by Burt Kennedy and directed by the brilliant Budd Boetticher.Kennedy's script hits all the of the familiar (and perfect) notes - Scott as the lone gunman with a tragic past, Claude Akins as the adversary who has an amiable but uneasy relationship with Scott, and Nancy Gates as the always glamorous female lead being escorted through hostile Indian territory.And as always, Boetticher treats his small film as if it were an epic, filling his Cinemascope canvas with gorgeous location photography (his old favorite, the Alabama Hills of Lone Pine, California) and placing his actors into arenas of combat, thus recalling his days as a bullfighter in Mexico.A brilliant and exciting way to wind up an important cinematic partnership that ranks right up there with John Wayne and John Ford, James Stewart and Anthony Mann, and Clint Eastwood and Sergio Leone.(And by the way, Scott was to retire after this picture, but was lured out of retirement two years later by director Sam Peckinpah to make the landmark western Ride the High Country. After that film, he finally did call it quits).

Gregory W (es) wrote: interesting trilogy of stories

Henry E (it) wrote: Star-studded mishap.

Adam R (mx) wrote: Probably Kevin Kline's best movie! Dave is an entertaining feel-good comedy. (First and only full viewing - 1/30/2009)

Eric C (de) wrote: Great prequel to the hit "Clerks." T. S and Brodie are the two clowns in this film, giving us a mall version of the original. We also get to see Jay and Silent Bob in color(although, in the music video for "Can't Even Tell" by Soul Asylum they appear in color).

Nathan T (us) wrote: The conflicted characters make it worth seeing.

Christopher S (ag) wrote: Director Otto Preminger's film noir psycho-drama is an uneven old-fashioned melodrama. Jose Ferrer steals the show as a slimy charlatan, and there are a handful of strong moments - but ultimately, it's really nothing special or memorable. Film noir fans may find it moderately entertaining.