Conversations with God

Conversations with God

"Conversations with God" is the true story of Neale Donald Walsch that inspired and changed the lives of millions. The journey begins after he unexpectedly breaks his neck in a car accident and loses his job.

Chronicles the dramatic true journey of a struggling man turned homeless, who inadvertently becomes a spiritual messenger and bestselling author. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chloe C (nl) wrote: Brandon Routh is one of the best-lookin dudes out there, but he definitely has terrible "friends" in his life... i'd rather be alone than to have such "friends"! yucks :p

Mickey M (br) wrote: A man who apparently without a background (John Kusack) is picked for jury duty on a trial that has national attention, but he is not there to serve justice. He is there to do what is right, depending on how lawyers on either side pays him and his partner (Rachel Weisz). They try to make a deal with either side of the case, lead by two lawyers (Dustin Hoffman and Gene Hackman) who want more than anything to win by manipulating the jury. However, the lawyers are trying to do the same thing. The hardest part of this movie is to believe that lawyers actually spy on protential jurors. It's even harder to believe that they know who has been randomly selected for jury duty, because it's a secret. The acting is one of the few good points in this movie. The performances from Hackman and Hoffman, as expected, are great. Weiz and Kusack are do a good job. The other actors who play the other jurors, some of which you've seen in minor roles of many other movies, also do fine performances. The only problem with the other jurors is only a small portion have limited character development, but not enough. "Runaway Jury" is wonderfully edited. There are many quick takes when characters are interacting over the telephone, and they are put together quite well. Another problem I had was that Hoffman and Hackman's characters only looked at each other, and didn't interact. I wish Hackman was cast in the role of the lawyer assigned to try the case as the plantiff's lawyer. Those two would have done some memorable courtroom scenes as competing lawyers, but it was never meant to be. If you could suspend your belief, which is hard to do with this movie, then it's passable as a pretty good movie. I would not suggest you buy this one, but you might check it out at your local video rental shop.

Chris H (nl) wrote: An intriguing BBC Miniseries that tells the true story of Sergeant Andy McNab and his SAS Patrol through their operation in Iraq and subsequent capture. While its decent for a made for TV Movie it doesn't do anything to be memorable. As far as War movies go, this is pretty mediocre.

Fighter Pilot A (de) wrote: this is one of the few times that Finland has put out a comparable movie.

Mike L (it) wrote: An interesting take on the future where the cars looked old and so did the neckties. It definitely worked though and was a pleasure to watch.

Michael W (ru) wrote: Middle aged man with marriage difficulties has a fling with his best friend's daughter. This film, along with Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, proves Michael Caine can do comedy quite effectively when called upon.

ld p (fr) wrote: The Swindle (Il Bidone) 1955 I have lately been watching Fellini's older films some of which were not available even on vhs. My first Fellini film (1973) at the ripe age of 19 was Satryicon at the Texas Tech Student Center Movie Theater. I was shocked to say the least and understand the film more now than then. Though about a swindle the film is more about the swindler's (plural). This film introduces us to Fellini??s excesses and long interest in flamboyance and grotesque no matter if you are rich or poor. Also the film delves into his interests in the Rich their costumes and material possessions and how they flaunt themselves in public arenas. It was between "La Strada" (1954), and "Nights of Cabiria," (1957), "Il Bidone" (1955) is less known but powerful, humorous, heartbreaking, and poignant film. Broderick Crawford gives a compelling performance as Augusto, an aging con man, a leader of a trio of small time crooks who take advantage of poor and uneducated Italians in both country side and poor quarters of Rome. Augusto realizes at the age of 48 that his life of selfishness, greed, and wrongdoings only made his existence meaningless. Once in his life, he decided to con the con men in order to help his daughter whom he rarely sees but deeply loves with fulfilling her dreams of better life but a swindle gone wrong leads Augusto to the final scene of pain, both physical and mental, to loneliness and desperation. It is similar to Nights of Cabriria which is an even more powerful film. Here the movie is very spare, the cons not particularly interesting as cons, but very weighty in symbolism. Augusto??s meeting with his estranged daughter his working his way back towards humanity costs him dearly. Shows us the awakening and demise of Augusto - not as a lesson in morals, but as one in storytelling. Guilietta Masina (Mrs. Fellini) as Iris, appears as a devoted wife of Carlos. This DVD from a complete restoration Criterion DVD release a few years back. Very interesting and powerful neo-realistic film. . Really I have grown to prefer his earlier films.

Kim B (ca) wrote: A bit long and boring. Its def better than the new mr deeds in its originality and more genuine in acting and character, but moves slow. I already knew some of the plot from the new movie so that didnt help the pace. I thought the whole court case was so unbelievable and flimsily founded. What i liked was the humor and the sincerity of mr deeds who is a gem of a character. The screenplay was also well done.

Peter P (fr) wrote: I was shocked at what a nice and good movie this was. I have not liked Jimmy Fallon in much but he was great in this. His character was pretty sweet and likable and you want his relationship to work out with Drew Barrymore's character. The story itself is alright but after finding out that this was filmed during the actual world series run and that they got to be a part of it made it even cooler. Check it out, you do not have to be a baseball fan, but it doesn't hurt.

Evan J (mx) wrote: pretty much the exact same as the first.

Spencer H (gb) wrote: The characters of the movie are very dull and undeveloped, but the movie is very good, realistic, and dramatic. Lone Survivor is well acted and deserves to be watched.

Tony V (gb) wrote: BEST but.. The story is did not get!!!! Tim Allen Be better

Jordan S (au) wrote: I still love this movie. It was a fun ride for the whole family. I wish they would have made a sequel.

Vincent K (jp) wrote: I bet watching this under influence is gonna be one hell of a ride. Otherwise, it's just hell.