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Convictions torrent reviews

Destiny B (it) wrote: Best movie ever love it

Craig M (kr) wrote: Really tedious opening and closing with an enjoyable middle. Beautiful shots of Portland read like an earnest love letter to the city.

Darren B (es) wrote: Plot holes. Flaws. Unconvincing bad guys. But that aside, it was alright. Made me miss the original so much more as it was far better than this.

Michael H (nl) wrote: The commentary is far more entertaining.

Paul C (it) wrote: Still really have no idea what this was film was about - except that Seagal whispered a lot and befriended a Rapper. Oh and it did have that bird from 'Sunset Beach in it!

Carlos G (kr) wrote: Definitely one of the more greater war/military movies. This conflict seems to be forgotten by the American public but is wonderfully put on screen.

Allen G (it) wrote: I tried to like this, as its plot was certainly quirky and would surely make for some good comedy moments. Indeed there were a few but by the end I was bored and watching this hardly felt like it was worth the effort. What can I say? Chucky just isn't a very endearing character now, is he?I like the premise and Jennifer Tilly's voice is great for the role but I don't particularly like Chucky or, by extension, the film's overall sense of humour. I rolled my eyes more than I sniggered or laughed and the film's tongue-in-cheek nature didn't seem to make it any less-unappealing to me. I like the low-budget wacky horror genre as much as the next person but Chucky feels dull and lame here. There's nothing particularly thrilling about the violence and it really just felt as if all of the boxes were being systematically ticked. Hardly an exciting experience. Why would I watch this when Evil Dead 2 exists?

Jake H (gb) wrote: IT IS AN AMAZING MOVIE! good ole 379 pete

Brandon J (jp) wrote: I can't understand the other reviews.. I ended up buying this one on Bluray after renting it. This movie shares something that birdwatchers are passionate about - and it takes you around the beautiful US. It's a very optimistic movie where 'enemies' can still be human to each other. It's one of my top 5 favorite movies.

Will B (it) wrote: This one is better than Disaster.... But not by much. Why? Because it still is stupid. There is a point of stupid funny and stupid oh my god peel my eyes out retarded. The only reason I laughed was the spot on portrayal of Kristen no expression Stewart. Also that there was some pretty funny parts that made fun of twilight... My most disliked movie franchise to ever be thought of. I would say watch this just for that reason, but probably shouldn't.

Dann M (au) wrote: Ang Lee's cinematic masterpiece Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is an extraordinary film. The story follows a rebellious young woman who has secretly trained to be a warrior and steals the sword of legendary master Li Mu Bai, but upon seeing her power Bai decides to offer her a chance at becoming his apprentice. Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yeoh, and Chow Yun-fat lead the cast and give excellent performances. And the fight choreography is amazing, with a unique style that's part fantasy. Additionally, the score has a spiritual and majestic quality that beautifully complements the storytelling. Incredibly well-crafted, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is a compelling film about love, duty, and sacrifice.