Convoy Buddies

Convoy Buddies

Toby and Butch are a couple of bumbling crooks who get a truck driving job hauling insecticide from Italy to France. Unbeknownst to the clueless duo, they're really smuggling guns. A group ...

Toby and Butch are a couple of bumbling crooks who get a truck driving job hauling insecticide from Italy to France. Unbeknownst to the clueless duo, they're really smuggling guns. A group ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul R (br) wrote: Offbeat, weird, dystopian. Just what you expect from Terry Gilliam.

Christina B (es) wrote: I was actually very angry for having watched this, but then I discovered that it was adapted from yet another Japanese horror film, and then it all started making sense. The plot was either very convoluted or very simple; to be frank, I kinda stopped paying attention. I guess this movie could be considered vaguely creepy if you have an irrational phobia of long hair and acrobats.I get that I'm just another asshole on the internet, but if I can convince one person not to waste their time like I wish I hadn't, awesome.

Witt R (ag) wrote: Not entirely sure why this movie was so harshly criticized. Operating as neither a sequel or prequel, Rise of an Empire operates as a parallel vehicle that tells a story existing at the same time as the Battle of Thermopylae. While Leonids and the 300 Spartans were protecting the Hot Gates, Themistokles and the Greek navy meets Xerxes forces on the water. Approached as a naval warfare epic in the style of Zack Snyder's original "300", "300: Rise of an Empire" is told from the perspective of Queen Gorgo and completes the story as told through the lens of Frank Miller's retelling of how Greece stood against Xerxes forces.Noam Murro does a great job of homaging Zack Snyder's directorial style from the first film and then cleverly using changes in color and environment to show how this story differs and expands the world we've entered. Yes, this movie does continue the graphic "ultra-violence" introduced in the first movie, but that is part of the charm of these films. It takes the core pieces of history/myth and elevates it in the style of the graphic novels they are based on. To me, the epic combat does not overpower the movie or drown out the story or character development, but instead supports it. These films were never meant to stand side-by-side with the likes of Gladiator or Braveheart in being classic film epics, but I think that the graphic novel aesthetic is what makes this franchise so captivating and fun to watch.If you're a fan of the style Zack Snyder established in the first film, then you will love this one as it delivers on all the same levels. If you were not a fan of the first film, then this may be one you'll want to skip.

Alex S (us) wrote: This movie is sheer genius. Never did I expect to see an authentic remake of a 50's sci-fi movie, but this is just that! The attention to detail is meticulous, the only difference between this and one of the classics like "The Day the Earth Stood Still" is that it's in colour. A fun movie for the entire family, and a treat, in all its hokey-ness, for all classic film lovers.

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scott (es) wrote: im a bigtime horror buff and love satanic movies cause they are realistic horror but all i can say about this film is *(&(*^&*%^%^&&^%$ put the glass pipe down and think of something better

Alec B (au) wrote: One of Pixar's most enduring efforts and while most of it's pleasures are derived from the visual design the voice casting of Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres are inspired choices.

TheScarlatescu R (nl) wrote: hot chick, other than that, I prefer the cartoon

bill s (nl) wrote: Really put them on the map....uneven,with lapses throughout.

Jay K (de) wrote: The first film pairing Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers climaxes in an extraordinarily elaborate aerial number - girls in see-through skirts and propellers on their heads on the wings of planes - and yet it's ridiculous enough to be charming. Flying Down to Rio falls down whenever the plot needs nudging along, and is at it's strongest when it's going nowhere, with snappy, saucy pre-Hays Code dialogue, great set up, and catchy numbers. Slightly distracting (and very frequent) scene transitions and the tedious Dolores Del Rio are unable to spoil a notable moment in film history.

Tim C (mx) wrote: One of the more interesting films I've seen in a while, enjoyed it.

Ian B (us) wrote: chainsaw to boom tube. what a crazy ride

Byron B (br) wrote: Heartfelt tale about leaving your mark in the world. One of my favorite 90s movies. Mr. Holland is the type of inspiring teacher that we all wish we had in school. He is not perfect, since his composing and teaching career takes precedence over his own family. Have tissues ready.