After stealing a huge stash of drugs, speed freaks Hector and Dorena plan to cook up an enormous batch of crystal meth and get rich quick. Hector's old buddy Merle has the perfect hideout/meth lab: an old, abandoned farmhouse in the woods where no one will ever find them. Unfortunately, no one will hear their screams either. Turns out, they may not be alone after all. It seems this farmhouse is the site of a horrific urban legend. Now, holed up together with nothing to do but snort, smoke and shoot up, the strung-out "cookers" fall prey to paranoia, private demons and terrifying visions which, whether they are hallucinations or hauntings, are equally terrifying and just as deadly!

After stealing a huge stash of drugs, speed freaks Hector (Brad Hunt) and Darena (Cyia Batten) plan to cook up an enormous batch of crystal meth and get rich quick... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Coralie R (de) wrote: Dead Shadows is a super cool movie, that's entertaining to watch. Don't expect too many plot holes to be filled in, and don't expect the movie to be predictable. Just go for the ride.

Luis M (kr) wrote: This certainly won't disappoint us. We would like to see more of that.

Adam A (de) wrote: 2012 was first to me the best of the best in art of an apocalyptic premise taking action paced turns in a beautiful way. But then I came down to earth and saw what this movie really was for its plot and storyline. So bad, it is hilarious. The effects are still somewhat meassuring up to the standards for still being considered good but the enormous lack of carrying for any of its actual drama is just a sad story, to see those special effects "go to waste".

Paul D (es) wrote: The original entry in the Tom Cruise led movie series is also the most boring. It has a few decent action sequences, but the majority of this movie felt like watching paint dry. The franchise gets better as it goes on but this one never really clicked with me. It is still worth watching once though.

Manolo P (au) wrote: A unique and incomparable love story. I think Lars here achieves a wonderful result of introspection towards how we behave and what we do in order to demonstrate a true love, sincere, simple, inseparable, disinterested and with a strong need to keep it at any cost. It also teaches us a strong criticism against the church, but it strengthens the sense of hope and faith that we all have and that religion by nature possesses. One of the best titles that can be seen in films of the last decade of the twentieth century, poignant, simply a masterpiece

Matthew S (br) wrote: Aside from being a sort time capsule of gay life in the early 1990's, this is a classic example of why some plays should never be translated to the screen. At the time of its premiere the play succeeded, but the film fails.

Ashley H (de) wrote: Opportunity Knocks is a disappointing film. It is about a couple of two-bit con men on the lam from a loan shark. Dana Carvey and Robert Loggia give horrible performances. The script is badly written. Donald Petrie did a terrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.

Bones 1 (us) wrote: how low can you go india oats.

Theadore C (it) wrote: A Truly wonderful Classic of the King's early pics! It had a great story, splendid cast, and wonderful music. Never could get enough of it really. If you haven't seen it already then you should. Go on!

Steve M (de) wrote: Good Rom Com. Makes for an enjoyable date movie.

Bryan D (br) wrote: A great cast and a very strong start save the films ultimately muddled story. Secondly, if you are going to have a mystery regarding who the killer is try not to make it the most obviously creepy person you meet early on.

Brett C (br) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:This film was ridiculous. Almost everything about it was worth loathing. First of all, the dancing in this film was atrociously boring. I would have forgiven the film if its dancing creates a sense of fun and excitement, even if its story fails to tell something at least above average, a great example of that would be Footloose, but this film couldn't even get the dancing part to feel interesting, with most of it being acrobatics which doesn't seem to fit with the style of dancing during the 80s, Footloose did contain some of that but it was handled appropriately. The start of this film was meant to explore the relationship between the daughter and the father, saying that girls are too restricted and they can't let themselves be free and have fun, which is a clich story but if it done right, would have made the film tolerable. So apparently Janey and Lynne's idea of fun is to produce a sense of anarchy, and not in a high school youth kind of way, but in a ridiculous fashion where it actually involves inviting a group of punk rockers and gymnasts to crash a party of the rival. Oh and the film also is constantly distracted from the main plot driver, which is the competition. It appears at the start and end of the film, and with very little reference in between. The film tries to be funny, and not in a subtle way. It tries to get me to chuckle on stupid things like Lynn suddenly appearing on stage with a chariot or when a nun/teacher is asked to some gymnastic/acrobatic thing, sorry I don't know what it's called, and instead of laughing, I'm left frustrated up to the point where I actually yell at the screen. The moments that don't try to be funny, like the rehearsal or training scenes, made me laugh my ass off as it takes itself so seriously that it ends up coming off as comedic. If there was one thing about the film that I considered was a positive, it would be the character Natalie and the actress who played her; wow was she a bitch, she really knows how to make you hate a person. It is too bad because the film features actresses like Helen Hunt and Sarah Jessica Parker, who have already proven themselves with successful films and television series. Overall, this film is as stupid as the man in the film who decided to do a backflip through a window.