Cool Air

Cool Air

Randolph Carter moves into a squalid boarding house in the summer of 1925 where he becomes friends with a mysterious doctor who revives him after a near-fatal heart attack. Soon after Carter discovers the awful truth about the doctor, and the fragile line that separates life and death. Featuring a stellar performance by Jack Donner as Dr. Muñoz, Cool Air remains a haunting reminder of the power of the human will.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:43 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:doctor,   heart attack,   ice,  

Randolph Carter moves into a squalid boarding house in the summer of 1925 where he becomes friends with a mysterious doctor who revives him after a near-fatal heart attack. Soon after, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cool Air torrent reviews

Hunter I (jp) wrote: So stupid that it's enjoyable.

Michael F (jp) wrote: actually a good movie!

Ally M (kr) wrote: this movie is very corney in some parts but in others funny and unpredictable!!!! love it

Pain T (ca) wrote: I like romance at war~

Patrick D (mx) wrote: One of the few films about India that actually feels like India.

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Brandon M (br) wrote: Worst in the whole franchise...just a god awful movie.

Nessa M (fr) wrote: I absolutely LOVE this movie, brings back so many memories. This movie is definitely more for kids, or if you're like me (in their late 20s) and watch it for nostalgic reasons. Don't let the negative comments from here be the reason you don't watch this film...most of them are elitist snobs that think Star Wars should be the only films in existence and nothing more. :::eye roll:::

Richard L (nl) wrote: This movis is set in a soon-to-be-post-apocalyptic, nuclear cold-war era UK, with an improbable yet highly original scientific twist (climate change) that is clearly relevant in today's context. The story is told from people working in a newspaper's point of view, so you also get some "insider view" on the media. The rhythm is fast, the acting is strong, and the dialogue has film noir elements with a distinct touch of British humor. The ending is awesome.

Judith O (ca) wrote: the one of best films ever made

Paul K (kr) wrote: anything samurai thanks KR

Jack W (de) wrote: Not as bad as you may think... Worth a watch, even if just to hear John Travolta's amazing Russian accent.

Alistair H (jp) wrote: average ...didn't really go anwyahere