Cop and a Half 2

Cop and a Half 2


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Cop and a Half 2 torrent reviews

Dailiesel M (es) wrote: Pretty cool and nice movie,back in the day for this year,great film,great job..

Tashia M (jp) wrote: The movie was ok. It had bad acting in it though and it wasn't scary. Why didn't they let the kid do his own voice? That alternate voice sounds real stupid and fake. I gave it 3 stars because of the bad acting and voiceover.

Andrew W (mx) wrote: So much better then the live action Resident Evil

Sean G (gb) wrote: A lot of guy on guy make out sessions, if that's your thing.

Drew T (de) wrote: Interesting thriller.

Adam C (es) wrote: An absolutely charming film with characters you simply fall in love with (and the music doesn't hurt!). However, I must say, the film got almost insultingly preachy at times.

Wes S (gb) wrote: Slow boring plot, mediocre creature effects, and boring characters. The story doesn't offer much to see nor does it really go anywhere interesting. Several elements didn't make much sense and the ending was pretty flat.

RA L (it) wrote: PAN AND SCAN. Visualmente rica y llena de momentos memorables... y se nota que aspira a mucho, pero su modo de oscilar entre lo lineal y lo fantasioso deja ambas facetas a medias. / Visually rich and filled with memorable moments... and one can tell it has great aspirations, but the way it shifts between the linear and the fantastic leaves both aspects half done.

Terry C (nl) wrote: This is one of Gere's best. A must see for all fans. Gere is superb with a great supporting cast. The story is set in WWI just before D-Day where Gere falls in love but can't commit for fear of not coming back. This one will tear at your heart strings. Watch on a rainy day and just let it take you back in time to feel what it must have been like with all the fears and uncertainties.

F B (au) wrote: Awful film with awful acting.