Cop Dog

Cop Dog

Ever since Robby's father was killed while on police duty, Robby has been angry and alone. His father's old partner, a police dog named Marlowe, suffers the same fate. So when Robby sees Marlowe alone and locked up in a cage he begs his mum to let him have him. Instantly, the two are best friends. But, being a cop dog, when Marlowe, sees two familiar criminals in the woods

A heart felt tale about a boy and his dog who set out to solve the death of the young boy's father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan H (es) wrote: This was such a brilliant film! I really must see it again.

Andrew P (us) wrote: Follows the same formula as the first one, but still great to watch.

Tasmina C (ag) wrote: i read the book a couple of years ago and always wanted to see the movie, thought i never find it but now i did and sure they change a lot of things but it is still a very very good story and a movie

Corey B (kr) wrote: Standard issue thriller, has a few things in it that are different than most, the plot is original for it's time. This kind of story could work just as much now as then. Nice movie if you like the cast, if not it's fairly boring and predictable.

Sgt C (mx) wrote: (73%)One of the finest child performances in film history, and the adults don't do too badly either. A charming, well written and almost perfectly shot comedy drama that doesn't go for the easy, overly-sugary route that a lesser film would have.

Jacob G (br) wrote: as a collection of performances, this is fairly decent. I want to hand-pick the artists I really enjoy and get full sets from them, but of course in a project of this sort that is impossible. Some of the performances felt so-so, but there is a surprisingly large number of really cool stuff featured here.