Copa de Elite

Copa de Elite

A spoof of recent Brazilian movies.

A spoof of recent Brazilian movies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Copa de Elite torrent reviews

Heather M (au) wrote: This was a silly movie with a great twist ending. If you are in the mood for laughs with your romance - watch this movie.

Jeff B (br) wrote: This movie wasn't very good, but then again it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The acting was perhaps the thing that hurt this movie the most, that and character development (including relationships). But the killing scenes weren't bad, and some scenes were somewhat commendable, but I still wouldn't pay money to see it.

Paul N (es) wrote: Brilliant comedy (is it?) from Mr Oizo/Quentin Dupieux. Absurd/off humor, great performance (their best) from Eric & Ramzy. Killer soundtrack from A-list French Electro artists (SebastiAn, Sebastien Tellier and Mr Oizo).One of the best French comedy of the past 10 years.

Brendan N (ru) wrote: i enjoy a good old fashioned detective vs serial killer story but this really does push the line of boredom and stupidity. dafoe has no real plot or character to work with and especially speedman who could have read he's lines minutes before delivering them.this is definitely not the worst detective film but its far from the best

Insert unique MySpace name here (au) wrote: Another romance/drama that will make you cry. Amazing story, I love it.

The Movie G (es) wrote: It has R-rated humor than PG-13 rated humor, but this one is better than 1 and 2.

Jayson C (ag) wrote: Nun sex is hot.... I'm sorry but it's HOT!

Colin Z (us) wrote: unbelievable! one of the cheesiest i've seen in a long while.

Matt G (es) wrote: Wonderful deadpan love story. Its characters are honest, simple, and human in ways most characters in movies are not. Its aesthetic remains simple, yet breathtaking. I sense I'm going to be a huge fan of Kaurismaki.

Aj V (ca) wrote: I don't remember if anyone in this movie was actually the son of Dracula (from the first movie with Bela Lugosi), but this movie is entertaining and I enjoyed it.

Favio V (fr) wrote: I am watching Coldwater

Paul A (jp) wrote: Really not bad. Funny in a dry way.Good dancing from Greta.