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Ragavendan V (ca) wrote: 1st half- okay 2nd half- boring, bad its also a copy from a kannada film

Trevor W (ca) wrote: Lol, saw this on TV, but can't imagine much more on the extended edition to change my mind about it much. The show is cute and this wasn't much more different except longer.

Steven K (ca) wrote: Interesting even though this is one sided they provided examples of published accounts that our vehicles could get much better mileage.

Cody M (fr) wrote: The epic story of Incendies has floored me with emotions; it's long and challenging, but the more you think of the overall piece, the more drama resonates.

Jamey B (mx) wrote: The gripping (if somewhat fictionalised) tale of Britains most prolific Executioner. An excellent cast on top form make this compelling viewing.

Vered A (ru) wrote: I just saw this movie and it was AMAZINGLY done. Beautiful and emotional story. A MUST see.

Isabel P (de) wrote: Another movie with no real feeling, or good story telling and again no explanation of the motives behind the senseless killings. To add to most recent catalogue of senseless movies I am seeing this year. Acting by Julia Ormond and Bill Pullman are lost, as there is no true essence or depth to the storyline. A waste of good talent.

Ryan K (jp) wrote: I liked Hey Arnold. It was fun when I first saw this as a kid.

Laurent M (kr) wrote: Beautifully set Sicilian drama, with a solar performance of Valeria Golino.The film subtletly evocates the irreconciliable likes of an emotionnally unstable mother, in the constant search of innocence and self-lived freedom, who gets rejected by most of the local community, at the great shame of her loving children and husband.A great piece of Italian cinema, radiant and realistic at first, and that gets moving and suggestive towards the end.

John S (mx) wrote: I nearly forgot about this one I must admit. Watched it a few days ago and needless to say the impression it left upon me was not very deep or meaningful.Simply this is a movie made in Essex and being as I am an Essex expat who has now lived as much time out of Essex as in it I am beginning to feel the need to watch anything made in my home county for posterity purposes (whatever that may be).On to the film. Essex boys is based on a true story, the ending of which is three dead men in a landrover somewhere in the countryside of Essex (a story I remember from the Essex Chronicle way back in the mid nineties). From what I know of the story the film does deviate quite a lot from the truth but thats artistic license for you.There are some fine actors in this film, Sean Bean, Tom Wilkinson, Larry Lamb - I have admired all of them at one stage but this film is a bit of a dud. The film isnt really an action film, its not a drama and not a comedy either, it cant seem to make up its mind what it wants to be but then thats not always a bad thing. Problem is you dislike nearly all of the characters, especially Jason Lock, and you cant wait for them to be knocked off. Once this is done the ending is spread out way too long and doesnt make any real sense when you get there.All in all a bit shit really.

Miguel R (es) wrote: Shakespeare in Love is a delightful, smart, and witty romantic comedy!

B W (ca) wrote: I dont generally like cliche soulmate type movies, but this one was good. Many aspects can be discussed... Lifes twists can beat us down to very dark places, recognizing what you have in front of you (Gooding's character), the depths to which we will go to for those we love, faith, thinking outside the box and the overall creativity of the film. The depictions of heaven can be a bit tidious, but the same cannot be said for hell, which I thought Sciorra and Williams absolutely nailed. Sciorra's life in this film, if you are one that can empathize witn movie characters, was brutal. Williams' character tries to overcome her endless despair. The ending is a slight twist, but a good one.Cant quite put the words into play as to what it is lacking... I can say that the second half of the movie was much more thought provoking for me. So I give it a 4/5.

Huw G (ca) wrote: It's not as perfect as its reputation suggests, but is certainly a remarkable work. Despite what must have been a lot of editing, and more than a few unlikely omissions, the story mostly seems to tell itself. There's no real surprises, but the details are fascinating, and the presentation sympathetic rather than sensationalist.

Robin W (kr) wrote: You'd think it would be pretty hard to definitively pick out the most bizarre movie in Italian horror maestro Lucio Fulci's filmography, but I'd say one of his lesser known efforts, "Touch of Death", would definitely be the hands-down winner; there's no way I could legitimately consider this a good movie, but it does have a lot of unique entertainment value. The paper-thin plot involves a serial killer who murders rich women in gruesome ways and the narrative basically follows a "rinse, cycle, repeat" formula until it's been padded out to 80 minutes. That's about all there is to the movie, but it does have an awful lot of gore and gruesome violence, which is mostly fake and unconvincing, but undeniably hilarious. The movie also works fairly well when it's functioning as a black comedy, with one standout sequence involving the protagonist trying to keep one of his victims propped up in the passenger's seat while being pulled over by a cop for a speeding. While "Touch of Death" is a colossal mess, it does deliver a lot of things you've never seen before and is worth a look for fans of Fulci and gory Italian horror.

JH K (ca) wrote: No se por donde empezar; asi que no lo hare.

Renee (fr) wrote: ~~~~~Bette Davis~~~~~ ~~~~~At her best!~~~~

DC F (de) wrote: Despite what some users say about this Marx classic, this is my fave! Highly recommended.

TheMumblelover (br) wrote: A great documentary done in Werzog own inimitable way. A tour de force in Art painting like nothing you have seen before and what great art it is. A time capsule that come to like in a great art lesson

Trenton R (nl) wrote: Johnson gives one his best performances of his career and the stories of these kids is dark and is very well done. Clich? Sure. But it's another stand up and cheer film.