¡Copiad, malditos!

¡Copiad, malditos!


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¡Copiad, malditos! torrent reviews

Andrew S (ru) wrote: Although predictable, it did have some funny moments.

Phillie E (ag) wrote: Found footage flicks will be the death of me.

Victor D (au) wrote: One of my favorate movies about real people in real situations.

Fabien D (it) wrote: Un TVfilm de Pirates (par le realisateur des The Land that Time Forgot ... waho !). Bah le tout se laisse franchement regarder et, meme s'il presente quelques longueurs (pour un metrage de 2h50, a reste quand meme assez agreable a regarder) et un scenario bien trop manicheen (production TV oblige), Blackbearb reste un petit film d'aventure bien sympa, assez bien rythme et bien interprete (Barbe Noire en tete !) devant lequel j'ai passe un bon moment.C'est le principal !

Jason G (nl) wrote: Shows the background of what went on inside Death Row Records and West Coast rap in general. Holds nothing back

Christopher S (ca) wrote: While this film had a lot of potential, it ultimately did not deliver. Richard Gere was solid as the framed and wrongly accused businessman Jack Moore but most of the other cast members could not act out of a paper bag. I understand the point of having a female counterpart to Gere but Bai Ling was not good as the defense advocate Shen Yuelin. She seemed out of place and way too pretty to be a seasoned attorney. Byron Mann cannot act out of a paper bag. Good thing for him he can do martial arts and he is good looking. Of course I have not seen him in anything lately, which is good. I mostly blame Robert King and Jon Avnet. The story was good but the script was not good at all. Neither was directing. Hopefully this film could be remade with better directors and writers in the next ten years.

Meg G (ag) wrote: One of Oldman's earliest performances - equally brilliant and bizarre, not to be missed!

Jon F (es) wrote: an above average war-time love story with nicky cage and sean pennis

Joe A (fr) wrote: The Day Time Ended is an inept 70s sci-fi low budgeter from schlockmeister Charles Band. It's basically a random bunch of special effects scenes strung together by the thinest of plots. Silly flick has a triple super nova causing a "Space/Time Warp", to quote one of the characters, that seems to center around a single desert house to the annoyance of it's occupants. They are besieged by various UFOs and stop motion animated creatures and then the house itself starts to travel in and out of other dimensions. Then the flick comes to an abrupt and absurd happy ending that leaves things wide open for a sequel. Directed with no life or energy by John 'Bud' Carlos from a script by three people, no less. The acting is terrible, as is the dialog, and the characters are prone to making the stupidest decisions. My favorite being when searching for a lost little girl, grandpa carries a gun and almost shoots her but, grandpa leaves the gun in the house when going out to investigate a noises in the barn. Makes perfect sense! Except for some nice stop motion animation from the late Dave Allen, the special FX are as cheesy as one can imagine for a flick like this and it is tedious even at only 75 minutes long. Actually saw this one in a theater; my favorite grind house The Oritani Theater in Hackensack, NJ. Only bother if you are a Dave Allen or Charles Band completest. EXTRA TRIVIA: Star Marcy Lafferty was, at the time, William Shatner's second wife.

Conner R (nl) wrote: One of the most bizarre, silly and amazing kung-fu movies. Much like with Enter The Dragon, this is another influence of Mortal Kombat. To say that Bruce Lee would have been better in David Carradine's role(s) is a completely crazy. Carradine is less about the actual skill and more about creating a character and is certainly a better actor. Some of the actions in this movie are downright disturbing, the character of Cord is always laughing and running around like a complete madman. However, this is a must see movie that should be viewed in the context of when it came out.

Jim A (ru) wrote: This movie is definitely yet another silly kid focused Godzilla movie from the 60s. Godzilla doesn't even show up until halfway through the flick with most of the plot focused on a group of sailors trapped on an island fighting an evil militaristic organization out of a James Bond flick. When Godzilla does show up he looks like the cookie monster and spends most of his time playing catch with a bolder. Just silly what else can I say

Stan D (es) wrote: The story of George Armstrong Custer, with a lot of Hollywood fiction thrown in, starring the great Errol Flynn (who incredibly never got an oscar), in his last movie (of 7) that he starred in with the great Olivia DeHavilland. Great action, a witty script, highly entertaining, and a great love story. With Sydney Greenstreet, and a fantastic musical score.

Stormy (jp) wrote: This is a war time classic, that was one of our troops favorites. It's great comedy still stands up today.

Mr Movie R (jp) wrote: Gives some laughs and some slow moments but still worth the watch.

Leah S (au) wrote: I liked Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached a LOT better, but I was looking for another movie with the same general theme and it delivered and was entertaining. Analeigh Tipton, I want her to be a better actress so bad! Rootin for you girl! I thought Miles Teller was great!