Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain

Two friends travel to a ski resort, with one looking to hit the slopes, while the other spends time trying to pick up women.

Two friends travel to a ski resort, with one looking to hit the slopes, while the other spends time trying to pick up women. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Copper Mountain torrent reviews

Jordon J (nl) wrote: Words & Pictures aims high but falls into too many of the clichs that we've grown to expect from this genre. I say RENT IT!!!

Robert H (ag) wrote: Oddly enough, I enjoyed this more than Saat Po Lang.

Chris J (gb) wrote: With plot holes more obvious than a victim missing a leg, the film is somewhat intriguing.

Pia K (au) wrote: Perushmpp hyvill nyttelijill ryyditettyn. ;) (Suom. Larry Crowne - Uusi mahdollisuus)

Felipe O (fr) wrote: Once in a while you might encounter a film that is so grossly underestimated, you can only conclude that the director is a genius and everyone else just doesn't get it.This film was captivating from beginning to end, with endless endearing moments and philosophical truism. It is one of the most honest films I have ever seen, and one of the few films I actually feel I could take something true and real out of it; as if I could learn from this film. So when I see the rating and I see that less than half the audience likes this film, I can only conclude one thing. The writer/director is a genius who created a movie that is too smart and too real for the every day person.

Dustin M (us) wrote: Trailer sucked. Paul Dano is awesome though. WOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAA.

Gary M (kr) wrote: It was nothing like 2012. It was ok but alot was fake. Its a movie you watch once.

Allegra L (es) wrote: I feel like I saw this trailer a year ago

pauline b (au) wrote: this is so sweet David gets the girl and funny in parts

Mark M (es) wrote: Freakin hilarious! The character development was next to nil, but the story was outrageous, and the jokes delivered deadpan to perfection. Amazingly funny

Robert I (de) wrote: I REALLY WANT TO SEE THIS, but damn Blockbusters doesn't carry it! It went straight to DVD! Come on!

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (kr) wrote: well my mother liked this movie, and about most of my girly friends...and it's ok I have to say...but I rather don't see it again..

Tyson P (au) wrote: Look past the bad special effects and its a fun movie.

Wendy C (es) wrote: Fun, crappy way to spend an afternoon.

Dominic P (ru) wrote: I love showing this movie to people who haven't seen it. The Ennio Morricone score alone is enough to make it worth a watch! Its kind of like watching a live action cartoon. Great cast, Terry Thomas is hysterical!

Nik M (ca) wrote: Relatively a good enough story for it to be a feature film, but only just about. The mystery is somewhat predictable but only after a short while. The voice acting is good and the designs are stylistic and fitting. It's another good Batman animated flick.

Ivona K (jp) wrote: Amazing movie with great acting - Matthew MacFadyen and Emily Barclay. What a shame not too many people know about it. This movie definatelly deserves more attention!!

Trick K (ag) wrote: I am all for comedy that pushes the envelope. This movie is just an abortion...

Brahm V (ca) wrote: Any horror fan turned director, would have made a better story.Tried cashing in on the hand held camera horrors, go and watch paranormal activity instead.