A family is torn apart during the American Civil War.

Copperhead is unlike any Civil War movie to date. It is a film of the war at home—of a family ripped apart by war. A story of the violent passions and burning feuds that set ablaze the homefront during the Civil War, Copperhead the movie is also a timeless and deeply moving examination of the price of dissent, the place of the individual amidst the hysteria of wartime, and the awful cost of war—a cost measured not in dollars but in fractured families, broken loves, and men dead before their time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill R (nl) wrote: the opening musical number tells you everything you need to know about this movie. it's not as good as the ones before and it doesn't take itself seriously. tons of cameos and they try to capture the older movies but it falls short in a movie that is too long.

Mike N (ru) wrote: good performances,entertaining,and darkly funny.

Ronald S (ag) wrote: Lots of cheesy shit. Its hilarious!

Sean J (ag) wrote: What more could you want? Chevy Chase when he was still in his prime, Princess Leia, and more midgets than you can shake a stick at. Genius!

Byron B (us) wrote: The book is filled with so many uneven episodes in the lives of this group of paisanos. The movie picks a handful of these episodes and invents some new ones in an effort to create a sensible story. It is not an easy thing to do. The adapter doesn't choose all of what I would consider to be the better episodes from the book, but there are just too many characters to get to know in less than a two hour time span. Danny (Garfield) is the central character in the book who ties all the friends together, but many of the episodes have very little to do with him and I didn't find him all that charming of a character. Steinbeck seems to have a little confusion about who his main protagonist is. Pilon (Tracy) is the brain and voice of the group of friends, so he is present in most every adventure and the one that I enjoyed reading about most. Spencer Tracy is one of my favorite actors, but he does a terrible job imitating a Mexican-American accent compared to the Portuguese one he used in Captains Courageous. Sweets Ramirez (Lamarr) is given a role of much more bulk in the movie compared to the book. This is mainly to create a stronger romantic plot with Danny. I am glad Hedy Lamarr got this starring female role because there are no female characters with much of a voice in the book, however Danny is still fairly forgettable. Frank Morgan as "The Pirate" was an interesting choice. He wasn't exactly what I expected the character to be, but he was still simple and touching especially when interacting with his dogs. There is not a Latino in the cast of main characters, so everyone is doing bad racial mimicry. Steinbeck has an ear for the way people speak and he did live in areas like where this story is set, but it did not translate well to the screen in the Hollywood environment of the time.

Katie R (de) wrote: George Fitzmaurice is a really underrated director. He made some incredibly emotional, romantic films, and Suzy is one of those. It's not among his very, very best, but it's still really very good.

Richard V (ag) wrote: A really fascinating story - Superman and Lex Luthor both face their own demise - is bogged down by strange and convoluted plot points that really could have been expanded on into other films (One scene has Lois Lane with superpowers, then Kryptonians invade Earth, then Lex Luthor creates a superhuman serum from prison) all happening one after the other with no development. And for an hour long movie, it could have expanded into two more hours.

Auramadeus M (ca) wrote: Incriticables los escenarios, la seleccin de soundtrack, el score, fotografa, y actuaciones. Usase: Los britnicos haciendo lo suyo. Y como est protagonizada por Timothy Spall, tampoco puedes evitar sentir un aire de empata. Pelcula entretenida, seria, madura, con clase, y algo romanticona. Ah! Y cuentan con un factor q hace muuuuuuchos metrajes no vea: Algo llamado "personajes." Con razn tiene tantas nominaciones. No porque sea especialmente soberbia en las categoras artsticas, sino xq discretamente se meti a todo el mundo en el bolsillo. 7/10

Michael R (jp) wrote: Decent Crime Movie...

Scott K (it) wrote: A minor gem of a movie. This is a surprisingly funny movie from director John Huston and co-writer Truman Capote. Everyone, including Bogart and Lorre, seems to be having fun. Also, at a minute less than 1.5 hours, the film never wears out its welcome.