Coppia omicida

Coppia omicida

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:spy,   camera,  

Adrio and Luciana discover that their neighbours are hired assassins who killed a politician. They tap their telephone and install surveillance cameras in the walls, and soon are chased by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rini N (ag) wrote: Family movie with satisfying solution. Favorite scene: phone call from Stephen King

Ninjaw P (it) wrote: Bouleversant reportage sur la vie de Nim, un chimpanz a qui, entre deux partouzes et deux joints dans les annes 1970, on a voulu apprendre le langage. Fort du tmoignage de la plupart des nombreux interlocuteurs, et de nombreuses images relles. Difficile de ne pas retenir ses larmes, sur son parcours tellement difficile et effrayant.

Tristan M (ag) wrote: Was not overly impressed with War Horse, bit I do think a large part of it is that I expect so much from Spielberg and don't have much like for glamorizing war, which I believe this movie does. The filming and cinematography is great, which I expected from Spielberg no matter how the movie turns out in the end, and the script is ok, but the acting is a bit lacking. The action could have been another Saving Private Ryan beach landing, which is something I think he could do well in a future movie, and although the scenes good looking, minutes the obvious lack of blood due to the rating, the sound effects could have been far movie intense. How I personally would have liked to see more blood and realism, but I can understand that this movie is targeted at younger audiences and this is not appropriate. How everyone spoke English also didn't go well for me. So yes there's a lot of things I didn't like here, but it's because I've seen so many of his war movies and have very high expectation of them these days, and the subject matter here simply isn't for me. However for younger kids I think this is great work.

Jason J (ag) wrote: The ultimate Kamen Rider movie sees all Riders from the very first series back in the 70's to the latest incarnation take on the evil organisation Shocker. Even though you've got all the other Riders in the movie, the story focuses on KR Decade. Even without having any background knowledge about Kamen Rider, you can quite easily follow the movie. The fight scenes are great and the actors gave their all for this movie and the amount of love given to the franchise with all the Riders appearing at the near end at the film was one of the best things that it offered. Overall, the movie is probably one of the best KR movies to date in terms of the quality of effects and the intensity of the story.

Akash O (ca) wrote: like this quite types

D R (jp) wrote: the movie good keep watching it bck by bck you'll c wat da problem really is, but I kno wat u did last summer make sense bck da man seek revenge, dis movie dont add up to it

mike h (nl) wrote: Oh my God I just watched what is easily the best movie of 09. I had no idea the film I was watching was written, directed, and produced by the main guy in the film. I haven`t gotten a rush like this since The Departed. Move over Tarantino, out of the way Ritchie, look out Scorsese. I can`t believe I am writing the first review of this film. What are you people watching out there. This guy deserves to be nominated for a bunch of Oscars. Why isn`t Hollywood throwing money at this guy too make more movies, that I can watch. How come Dan`s not in France getting the Palme d`Or already. This is a great example of film making at its finest. Its amazing and you have to watch it. The Local will make you go Local. MOVIE DICK OVER AND OUT

Aaron W (ca) wrote: I wanted to cry. good movie overall.

Laura M (nl) wrote: Cheesy goofy romcom that was worth watching.

Jed D (ag) wrote: I would never have believed, the unlikely duo of Anthony Edwards (Revenge of the Nerds) and Forrest Whitaker (Bloodsport/Street Kings), would have worked. Along with an excellent supporting cast, comprised of some framiliar faces, Downtown, was able to entertain me from start to finish.

Joseph H (ca) wrote: I dont care to watch.

Stephen E (fr) wrote: Comedy-wise, "Local Hero" is a modest success. The story unravels in an all too familiar way and there aren't many laughs to be had, but it's amiable and low key and fun to watch. Peter Reigert makes a very likable lead character and Burt Lancaster is perfectly-cast as an eccentric billionaire.

Brian C (it) wrote: Great idea for a story, but everything about this is done badly. The acting, the editing, sigh...

Emma R (nl) wrote: Awesome!!! ~'- Xxx

Steve G (nl) wrote: I'd like to have seen what "The Darkroom" could have been with a big budget but despite its obvious limitations it was a fun film to watch. An amnesiac mental patient escapes the asylum to try to track down his past and eventually does so with the help of a young man who has his own family problems. The lead actors do a nice job and I enjoyed seeing a blonde Lucy Lawless in a small role. I've watched a million thrillers before so I figured out the final "twist" about 45 minutes before the end but I still think it was pretty well done.

Bill B (es) wrote: Decidedly lo-fi and thoroughly tongue in cheek, this film is well worth a look and has some real laughs in there, plus the commitment to the green screened visuals is really well thought out and executed.Well worth a rental.

Wildaly M (au) wrote: This was a very interesting way of presenting an end-of-the-world scenario. I definitely appreciated the performances by McGregor and Green. I suppose those who did not like it simply did not get the message it tries to send.

Jacob M (es) wrote: A pretty entertaining blacksploitation film.