Corazón de león

Corazón de león

After she loses her mobile phone, a lawyer receives a call from the person who found it. They talk and hit it off very quickly. But she's in shock when she sees that he's very short.

After she loses her mobile phone, a lawyer receives a call from the person who found it. They talk and hit it off very quickly. But she's in shock when she sees that he's very short. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kimberly W (ag) wrote: This was a cute kids movie but nothing too in-depth. Would recommend it for families but that's about it.

Anonymous A (de) wrote: If you don't take good enough photos, you are not close enough.....

Nicol M (it) wrote: What dreams may come has a big problem , the plot is really touching but also really boring and not appealing. Full of remind to the travel of Dante across hell.

Juan A (gb) wrote: Moving, sad, warm, without being melodramatic; very well acted and directed.

Chrissy C (kr) wrote: Very interesting. I had been expecting something more along "Godfather" lines, but the character study approach to gangland China was more the enjoyable in and of itself. The "plot twist" was not much of a twist; only the character played by Gong Li held any interest, and in fact I'm giving the movie 3.5 stars based entirely on her performance. She is an actress as subtle and talented as she is startlingly beautiful, and she carries this slow tragedy on her back from start to finish.

Patrick W (gb) wrote: The franchise dumped Lester and brought back Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor in this film that Christopher Reeve submitted the story for. This was one of those films that wanted to send a message by using its characters. This time it was for global nuclear disarmament. It has Superman going to the United Nations to convince the world to rid itself of its nuclear arsenals. Lex Luthor, however, attaches a kit with a piece of Superman's DNA to a nuclear rocket that Superman throws into the sun and it creates Nuclear Man that Superman must battle. While this film didn't even closely stand up to the greatness of the first 2 films, it was still better than Superman III. Bringing back Luthor was a wise idea for this one and is probably what saved this film from an even worse score.

Alexander R (jp) wrote: Funny, and somewhat awkward movie.

Helen B (fr) wrote: great characters and insight.

bernard a (es) wrote: There are no truer friends than Blackie (Clark Gable) and Jim (William Powell). A friendship forged by tragedy during their childhood - they both remain loyal to each other even when their lives take very divergent paths - and on opposite sides of the law. The street smart Blackie becomes a very successful operator of a speakeasy - while the bookish Jim ends up as the district attorney. Myrna Loy plays Blackie's free-spirited girlfriend, Eleanor - hmmm, a sure source of a conflict of interest, if there ever was one...!!! It's Gable who comes out as a very charismatic character in this. A "bad guy" with a heart of gold...almost too good to be true. Nothing seems to faze him - not even when he...well, see for yourself...! This is the first of many films which pairs Myrna Loy with William Powell. Their very next film after this will be The Thin Man - and the rest is history. Mickey Rooney has a small but memorable role playing the young Blackie - and boy, does he give it his all. The tragedy dramatized at the very beginning of the film involves a ferry boat in which there were many fatalities. It was New York City's single worst tragedy prior to 9/11.

Justin T (es) wrote: A bit misguided but Rourke is solid.

Lucas Y (mx) wrote: Intense action, graphic violence, well acted and directed. Point Break is absolute California. Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze and Gary Busey are great together. "Utah, get me 2!" Point Break isn't a smart film, but it's fun throughout. And the Anthony Kiedis appearance is hilarious. "That would be a waste of our time."

Russell H (kr) wrote: some funny parts but mainly stupid