Corazón de melón

Corazón de melón


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Jessica H (kr) wrote: Another romantic comedy that does not feel right.

Russell H (ca) wrote: mildly entertaining short with the Toy Story cast

Jakir A (us) wrote: wat a shit movie!.. again, wasted time watching a time-waste.. and again, the song was OK... disappointing..

Louie S (ag) wrote: The best part of the film happens in the last 20 minutes. Until then it didn't really work form me. Still, the story it tries to portray is very disturbing, but also quite interesting.

Leslie C (kr) wrote: Great movie if you like long subtitled films. I did enjoy the movie it was like watching an old silence movie but in color if in to foreign films this is a good one

Tony R (ru) wrote: Confusing, the dots are connected, but the contrast is too extreme for an audience to enjoy the movie... And the plot seems a little silly to be built on a child. And the Death of the child seems silly.. sometime filmmakers put way too many cliche ingredients into the movie recipe, and go overboard,... making it practically a little too heavy to digest.

Alexandra C (de) wrote: this movie is such a tragic romance, the ending makes me cry everytime. Just a great movie with great cast

Antonio G (ag) wrote: Loved it as a child. Its still a fun movie...

Dave M (es) wrote: I enjoyed it a lot... :-)

Allan C (es) wrote: Silly Roger Corman produced monster film is better than average, but is still nothing too special. One thing that sets this film apart is that it was directed by Monte Hellman, who'd later go on to direct classics like "Cockfighter" and "Two Lane Blacktop" (although his filmography is admittedly a mixed bag). In this low budget picture a monster (who kind of looks like the Flying Spaghetti Monster) traps it's victims, takes them back to it's cave, and then wraps them up in it's web to eat later. Overall, the film works because the monster costume looks pretty good, despite the low budget, and director Hellman manages to create some decent suspense. Certainly not a brilliant film, but if you're in the mood for an old fashioned monster film, this one is worth checking out. And on a side note, this film did remind me of the "Alien" films with the hapless victims being kept alive while bound against cave walls. I'm pretty sure this film must have been an influence on that classic.

Katie L (gb) wrote: awww love this, perfect songs and Danny Kaye is so sweet with the kids

Nicols R (au) wrote: The sequence in Dubai it is a masterpiece. Too bad the rest of the movie doesn't hold up with alot of exposition mumbo-jumbo, incredibely weak villain and predictable. Anyhow the action is amazing as the cinematography with generally good editing and compelling likable characters. Drawing all these points together Ghost Protocol is a very entertaining movie with edge of your seat action scenes but predictable with some heavy exposition scenes. It is a must watch for action junkies and movie fans although an average viewer might lose interest and see through the plot holes.