Corazón marchito

Corazón marchito


"Withered heart" is a simple story with complex characters, love and hate, friendship and shared loneliness, and disagreements. Where the characters face themselves and their daily circumstances, sometimes comical, droll, sometimes a little dramatic. They seek not knowing what they want, or not knowing what they will find. And when you find ... Is it worth risking a wonderful lifelong friendship, a relationship that ... knowing both, might not work? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Troy K (br) wrote: Good movie all around.

Robert H (jp) wrote: A truly unique experience. The film literally takes you into the trenches and into the minds of soldiers. The way war changes a man is disturbing to say the least. Scenes where soldiers laugh and cheer at tearing an enemy to shreds is justifiable but still disturbing and thought provoking.

Jim T (ag) wrote: The point where Marvel fell in love with itself for a bit. Needed taking down a few pegs as this was just lazy.

Twins S (us) wrote: action movie with many starts really well, but then it gets you lost within the plot...too much going on and too many unanswered aspects.This finds the cause solely because its based on a video game. However the movie is enjoyable even if you have not played the game, but you might find many "non sense".The main character is one of the coolest hero We ever seen, pity there is little of him through out the film.All you know is that he just got out of jail and is trying to help his niece finding her mum, who works in some dodgy night club in Tokyo.Tokyo is where the action take place, but there's int anything in the picture that would make you believe you are in Tokyo, apart from the neon could be anywhere. Thumbs ups for Gor Kishitany...who plays the coolest and "funny" mind twisted foe; it gives to the picture a real dark-violent-humor.Like a Dragon has a great editing fast as it could be, and its mixed to sound excellently, the visual is superb. The characters believable,pity about the story.Definately a film that stands out from the usual Japanese actions films and also a well game-adaptation for the big screen :p

Simon R (br) wrote: Good parody and loved the War Of The Worlds bits

Arash B (ru) wrote: A few interesting moments aside it's a boring shockfest, Watch Pasolini's Teorema instead, I even liked Ozon's Sitcom slightly better than this

Max M (ca) wrote: The leads are both good actors but for me this film was just a disappointment and really didnt lead to anything

Deepak M (us) wrote: Though a bit long, this is a wonderful family movie

Josh S (es) wrote: Pretty well done for an indie feature. James Mangold captures emotions well enough. The feelings of loss were effective and emphasized. The exchange between Pruitt Taylor Vince and David Patrick Kelly was beautiful.Liv Tyler was okay. She acts cute in some scenes.. But it's not about her. So all you horndogs out there will be disappointed. And I laugh at your pathetic waste of time.

Kendall C (fr) wrote: While the soundtrack was pretty good, and the plot was solid, the visuals sucked, the direction was laggy and there was a lot of thin characters. This one was a weak addition and no wonder why people tend to forget it.

Prathaban M (ca) wrote: A faithful and well performed recreation of the celebrated classic by Forster. But make sure you have 2 1/2 hours of uninterupted time before you start watching this one. It takes some concentration and patience to sit through the whole movie :)

Panta O (ca) wrote: I never had a chance to see this epic film directed and produced by Howard Hawks and starring the two British actors Jack Hawkins and Joan Collins as Pharaoh Khufu (we know him under the name of Cheops) and his second wife Nellifer, in fictional account of the building of the Great Pyramid. After reading a few good reviews on RT I decided to give it a go. Novelist William Faulkner was one of the three screenwriters, and he did what was needed for the Hollywood production of that time. Harold Jack Bloom and Harry Kurnitz just helped to prepare the script to the standard of that time - what people wanted to see... at least they thought that! The grandeur of the ruler of ancient Egypt, Pharaoh Khufu (Jack Hawkins) was obvious in every scene throughout the story in which he was obsessed with preparations of his tomb for the "second life". One of his prisoners - Vashtar (James Robertson Justice), an ingenious man whose devices nearly saved his own people from being conquered and enslaved by Khufu, will help him in that, seemingly impossible, task: building a robber-proof tomb. A generous offer of Khufu to free Vashtar's people if he will build such a tomb will not include Vashtar - he will have to die when the pyramid-tomb is completed, to guard its secrets. During the years that the pyramid is being built, Pharaoh demands tribute and labour from all his territories, amassing gold and treasures to be interred with him. A cast of thousands (Warner Bros. press office claimed there were 9,787 extras in one scene) which seemed as millions, this movie is to be remembered as one of Hollywood's largest-scale, ancient world epics, in the spirit of The Robe, The Ten Commandments, Ben Hur, and others. As an archaeologist I spent many years in some of those locations, and some of those shot in Egypt haven't changed much. Titanus studios in Rome were used for anything else not shot on the Egyptian soil, and there were a perfect choice. My hero of this movie was Dimitri Tiomkin - amazing music score followed every move... but I'll have to admit, amplified some of the cheese moments in the movie, as well. I watched the UK version of the movie ( the shortest one of 104 minutes) which had only 2 minutes difference with the US version (106 minutes)... I wanted really to see what was extra in the Canadian version which was much longer (144 minutes) - but I could not find it anywhere (any Canadians out there to help?). The movie was Howard Hawks's first commercial failure. It caused Hawks to take a break from directing and travel through Europe for a number of years. He made his next movie, Rio Bravo (1959), four years later - the longest break between two movies in his career, which proves how high his expectations were for this one. Hawks had between 3,000 and 10,000 extras working each day during the fifty-plus day shooting schedule, and the Egyptian government supplied the extras, half of whom were soldiers in the Egyptian Army... and he thought this will be the movie he'll be remembered for. But, even after following every rule in the book how to make a blockbuster, the audience wasn't there, at least to cover the cost of the production! It had a strong cast which failed to perform up to their abilities, mostly due to the unfamiliarity with the spirit of the times there were presenting. But, at the time there was more focus on recreating the building of the background and the scenery, as well as the authenticity forgetting that the audience comes to be convinced by acting as well that they are part of it. I will still recommend this movie as a part of a film history because it has its values in excellent photography, music, scenery, camera work, experience directing... but really at the end was just an epic soap opera happening in ancient Egypt with a screenplay in need of improvement regarding the dialogues.

Pratiksha K (au) wrote: This documentary is a visually stunning but emotionally stunted endeavour. There's snow-covered landscapes, #skyporn of various hues and many, many moments of 'WOW-inducing' time lapse photography. But, the film doesn't take you inside the lives of the people, never really striking a chord. It is dotted with little known fascinating facts about the planet's southernmost continent. Like, did you know that if a seal wanders all the way to shore on Antarctica, you have to let it perish? Yes, you can't put it back into the water. Why? Because regulations decree that you CANNOT interfere with nature. The talking heads in the film only explore 'what' happens - there isn't any look at the whys & hows of existence in this unique ecosystem. The filmmaker does not seem to be interested in any kind of 'slice of life' exploration. The most resonant moments of this film lie in the end-credits - the people who have made Antarctica their abode for most of the year talk about the things they miss the most about home - the feeling of grass under their feet, rain, biting into fresh fruit. The treatment of the place is so linear that it resembles the life it portrays: isolated and humdrum. In not dealing with the dynamics of human interaction, the director may have cut down on running time but he also risks a lack of empathy from the viewers end.

EQ R (ca) wrote: The good news is that this movie is basically one big car chase, bad news is that it's so poorly edited that the chase scenes become tedious and sometimes headache inducing. The times that the story drops into a lower gear we are treated to Selena Gomez's horrible acting (her verbiage is limited to repeating "oh shit!" And "please stop") and when Ethan Hawke is trying so hard to make the film entertaining he fails, but not because of him, it's due to the chemistry he has with Gomez...except they have zero of it. The movie is so fast paced for its own good and at times it gets repetitive to the point of boredom. I wish this were a so bad it's good type of guilty pleasure, instead it just comes off kind of bad. It does get points for having Hawke drive the hell out of one really nice Shelby and it can provide a sliver of entertainment if you can overlook every flaw and gaping plot hole the movie has. D-

Steve M (de) wrote: This movie is brutal. It has all the classic panic and societal freak out stereotypes, and the All-Star cast comes together to create a frenetic dialogue so oblivious you will be forced to strongly consider turning it off before you find out what happens. The amazing thing is it gets worse as it speeds up and the rising actions is plastered with incredibly ridiculous coincidences and too-perfect to be true scenarios. Ouch.

Alejandro E (us) wrote: Clint Eastwood pre-Gravity with four grouchy but determinate brave old men maybe not one of his best ideas but the accurate dose of humor and suspense makes it a good choice for a saturday afternoon