Caius Martius, aka Coriolanus, is an arrogant and fearsome general who has built a career on protecting Rome from its enemies. Pushed by his ambitious mother to seek the position of consul, Coriolanus is at odds with the masses and unpopular with certain colleagues. When a riot results in his expulsion from Rome, Coriolanus seeks out his sworn enemy, Tullus Aufidius. Together, the pair vow to destroy the great city.

In a war between Rome and neighbour Volsci,The rioters get heated to Caius Martius (Ralph Fiennes), a excellent Roman whom they blame for the city's complication. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David H (mx) wrote: Believe it or not, this movie had potential. I would rate this movie slightly below average. The pace of the movie slowed a little during the middle, but if you hang in it will get better. With a few modifications to the script, this could have been a decent movie. Not a bad concept for a movie, just needed to be reworked. Some people may enjoy it.

Emmanuel F (au) wrote: Archery fight was worth seeing.

Michael D (de) wrote: It was sorta fun at first but all the tits and blood in the world can't make up for the sickeningly low budget and community theater caliber acting.

S N (us) wrote: Kene Holliday was brilliant!

Love F (fr) wrote: In my review of The Bridges of Madison County, I mention that it was not the worst film I had ever seen. That distinct honor goes to Broken English (2007), a romantic drama about a broken-hearted woman who finds love again. OK. I can forgive the cliched premise, but only if the director, Zoe Cassavetes, could tell an original story. She could not. The direction was sloppy, the acting was mediocre, and worst of all, the story itself was highly unoriginal and cliche-ridden. Everything from the psychic predicting that our heroine had been lonely, to meeting a hunky stranger and falling in love, and to the misunderstanding that occurs between the main characters. I just absolutely hated this film. This was director Zoe Cassavetes' debut film. There's only one thing you could take from her debut. Let this be a lesson to everybody: not everyone is cut out to be a film director. I think she just woke up one day and thought, "Hey, I think I'll direct a movie today." The problem I have with this movie is that it's so shallow and superficial. Again, we never find out what she sees in him and how he completes her. God, love story films these days are getting more and more unoriginal and lazy. This is my most hated movie of all time. I doubt another movie will come along and take that honor any time, but, hey, I've been surprised before. Rest assured though, this movie will be my most hated movie of all time for a while. As a side note, this film was recommended to me by an immature, selfish, and shallow boy who was dating my best friend at the time. Was I surprised that he recommended this film to me? No, not all. Shallow people have shallow tastes. There's nothing surprising about that. If I could, I would give this film -10/10. Since I can't, I give it: 0/10 1. Did you like it? 2. If so, you better have a god damn good reason.

Michelle T (it) wrote: Different & Exciting

Boris B (br) wrote: Oldman's & Roths debut social drama with lots of soul :-)), awakes childhood

Lewis E (au) wrote: Hardly surprising that some of the jokes in this 1983 movie are dated but the clever social satire and comedic talents of Murphy and Aykroyd prove more effective than most modern comedies.

Dan H (us) wrote: A great, classic werewolf film that's got a fantastic atmosphere and boasts a powerhouse performance from Oliver Reed as tortured soul Leon who is the cursed werewolf.