The elderly heir of a formerly wealthy and respected Chilean family, Andres, suffers from decadence and solitude. He hires young Estela in order to look after his tiranic and almost crazy grandmother. The differences in class and age don't stop Andres from courting Estela, whose fiancé Mario tries to make some money with the passions of his well-off rival. The suffocating atmosphere of the run-down mansion in the outskirts of Santiago represents the deterioration of the bourgeoisie, and sets the scene for the total collapse of Andres.

The elderly heir of a formerly wealthy and respected Chilean family, Andres, suffers from decadence and solitude. He hires young Estela in order to look after his tiranic and almost crazy ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott M (jp) wrote: if ur not into gruesome movies or your a nicey nicey person def not for you. got everything youd read in papers and think holy fuck lol. anyway cheap ass movie some the acting shit but its meant to be in grindhouse way. all over nuts movie lol

ximena G (nl) wrote: (TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)(TM)

v h (de) wrote: Every once in a while I find myself at a movie which I really have no business seeing, sucked in by great reviews and a lack of any better ideas. "It Came from Kuchar", a documentary about a pair of underground filmmaking brothers, is such a film. Have I ever heard of the Kuchar brothers? No. Have I ever seen any of their films? No. Have I ever seen ANY underground films? I'm not sure...does "Eraserhead" count? Just how obscure is this movie? Well, I'll tell you. At the time of this writing, "Kuchar" only has ten reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. I mean, how pretentious does that make me? I'm not a film student; I just like going to movies. It'd be bad enough if I was actually going to an underground film festival, but going to a documentary about underground films seems doubly pretentious. Anyway. When I walked into the theater, the movie had already started even though I swear I was on time. Maybe they started it early because there was only one other person in the audience, a man who looked to be the human manifestation of Comic Book Guy. I normally like a near-empty theater -- once, at the John Kerry documentary, I was the only one in the whole audience -- but this time it just added to my feeling of uneasiness. So did missing the first minute or second or however much of the movie that I missed, which might have been the very best minute or second of the entire movie for all I know. George and Mike Kuchar are twins from the Bronx who started their careers by making 8mm movies in the 50s. Calling them prolific is an understatement; according to IMDB, George is credited with directing 216 movies since 1956 with titles such as "Sins of the Fleshapoids", "The Devil's Cleavage", and "Hold Me While I'm Naked". Dozens of clips are shown of these hideously low-budget productions, all featuring garish makeup and over-the-top performances. There's no doubt in my mind that I'd hate every one of them. But what do I know? Interspersed with these clips are interviews with famous directors saying just how much these movies influenced them. There's John Waters and Wayne Wang and Guy Madden and Atom Egoyan among others, all praising the Kuchars and describing specific scenes of their early movies that they especially liked. It kind of reminded me of those VH1 specials like "I Love the 80s" where everyone sits around talking about particular scenes in old movies and TV shows which they all seem to remember in vivid detail and I always wonder if their memories are really so much better than mine or if I'm culturally illiterate or if maybe they all cheated and actually watched the shows right before they recorded the special so they'd have something clever to say. Well it's the same with John and Wayne and Guy and Atom going on and on about trashy movies they saw 35 years ago. I'm lucky if I remember the plot of the movie I saw last week. The Kuchar brothers are quite the characters; just about everything that comes out of their mouths is funny, often unintentionally so. George is shown working with his students at the San Francisco Art Institute where he's taught for almost 40 years. They're busy making a short called "The Fury of Frau Frankenstein" and everyone appears to be having a grand old time. In fact everyone who's ever worked with the Kuchars appears to have really enjoyed themselves. These aren't temperamental directors. They're just a couple of down-to-earth guys from the Bronx having a load of fun making movies. If nothing else, "It Came from Kuchar" blew away my belief that all underground films are pretentious. Perhaps those who insist that these campy, porno-horror amalgamations are brilliant are a bit pretentious, but "Sins of the Fleshapoids" looks a lot more watchable than "Eraserhead", that's for sure. (I'm reposting my review from 4/19/2010. RT keeps disassociating my reviews from their corresponding movies. Quite annoying.)

Becky B (gb) wrote: A Funny, twisty action movie; worth seeing

Daniel P (br) wrote: Fearless, superlative, slow building and gut-punching drama with a powerful performance from Isabelle Huppert. This astonishing film concerning the "legacy" of colonialism has innumerable memorable sequences and points of view; it is a truly original and riveting work from the inimitable Claire Denis.

Cory S (nl) wrote: This movie,in a nutshell is sex then a song....x9

Suraj S (kr) wrote: I loved this documentary. It goes into the life of two related families who are both trying to decide whether their children should receive a cochlear implant. One family has two hearing parents (the mom was brought up by two deaf parents) who have twins and find out that one of them is deaf. While the other family has two deaf parents who have a daughter who asks them if she can receive an implant. While the movie itself can get very frustrating because you're only seeing one family circle where all the parents are putting their wishes on their children, it is so emotional and thought-provoking. For me, it was the first time that I was exposed to this idea of deaf culture and the deaf community. I really enjoyed the amount of emotion that this movie conveys, and I just wish it could've spread out this story to cover more than just these two families.

Ana G (jp) wrote: good film, yes, i recomend it!

Marj D (es) wrote: This is worth seeing as the sequel to Funny Girl but it's quite disappointing. Much like life I guess. Hey ho.

Keegan B (nl) wrote: Oh hail the one the only ZILLA!!!!!!!!!

Cranston Dies (au) wrote: Only hollywood could think of casting white guys as Native Americans.

Ben L (au) wrote: Richard Burton is just phenomenal. That's the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of this film. Such a glorious performance as Henry VIII, with depth and range that totally impresses me. In the first act I was concerned that Genevieve Bujold was going to bring down the whole film with her performance as Anne Boleyn, but when she makes the transition and gets the taste for power this film really takes flight. There are certainly moments that get a little hokey and over-dramatized, but I enjoyed it since this is a very melodramatic plot. The twists and turns of their relationship is great, and I love all the political maneuvering that they use against each other. Anne of the Thousand Days is like a grand costume drama that feels like Shakespeare. Even though I had some familiarity with the story, it seemed they kept surprising me with how it would play out. All the people behind the scenes with different motives kept the story interesting and I was engaged throughout. Naturally, as anyone who knows the story of Anne Boleyn could predict, this film does not end on the most uplifting note. Ordinarily I wouldn't love that kind of conclusion, but they managed to create a way for there to be a sense of hope in the final scenes, not an easy task. In fact it almost ends on a cliffhanger, which is kind of unique in this style of film. I was skeptical of Anne of the Thousand Days in the beginning, but it won me over. I would recommend this film to people who enjoy a good period drama, because I thought the cast really delivered something special.

Hayden H (au) wrote: I throughly enjoy this movie every time I see it

Eric M (es) wrote: Formulaic. Not bad, not great. Just...the same.