Coroner Creek

Coroner Creek

A man is bent on taking revenge on those responsible for his fiancée's death.

A man is bent on taking revenge on those responsible for his fiance's death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joanni B (mx) wrote: Having been able to live in a foreign country and meet fellow foreigners as well, I think this movie is very relatable in a sense that yes, fellow foreigners would be the easiest to talk to and get along with. Its an easy going film which features a lot of Hong Kong's distinct alleys.

Nicalos J (au) wrote: Acting and Graphics were not the best.

Mayank A (gb) wrote: Fun watch, what makes it great are the witty dialogues. Well directed and good acting by the cast.

Annie C (br) wrote: I want to cut fruits like Fidel does!

Ariadne B (fr) wrote: this is my favorite crow movie like idk why but I fell in love with jimmy and he is so hot as the crow .I also loved this love story and the way that at the end jimmy is reunited with his love and ugh it was just such a great movie loved it .

Bobby L (au) wrote: A wonderfully offbeat, entirely artifice Thai Romeo & Juliet spaghetti-western, it has a grand sense of humor, but does not sacrifice characters or plot. The plot is a little predictable though (again, it is a remake of R&J) and a near end wedding incident seems awkward.

Moya W (nl) wrote: Some parts of the movie are a bit boring to watch but the terrific acting, the spectacular directing and the amazing imagery makes this movie incredibly worthwhile despite the slight boring parts.

Al K (jp) wrote: Good movie! Seemed like it ended a bit quickly, but still good!

Austin B (it) wrote: It's not the worst movie ever made, but it's not as innovative as some the other users have said. For a mocumentary, it looks too scripted. No difference made between the interview segments and the events that occured. The whole story is told through reflections without us actually seeing the events that took place which is a very poor mistake on Hiller's part. The saddest part of all is the stringing along of Eric Idle. The things he does in this movie are so beneath a Python, it makes me want to weep. The movie attempts to have the bite that other satires liek Network have. But saying producers are liars over and over again for an hour and a half gets very tiresome. Besides, without lousy producers, Ezsterhas would have never gotten sh*tpile scrpits on the screen. With some work by good movie makers, this could have been something special. But, it's not.

HungYa L (fr) wrote: Such a brilliant sci-fi and it was my own childhood cult movie! Knew of James Spader since and he is still big today!!

Daniel C (ru) wrote: This provocative film teeters between shockingly disturbing scenes and happy-go-lucky humor. The emotion and uncertainty created around the main character learning his HIV-positive status carried my interest through the entire movie. Having said that, the positive relationship that develops between the main characters and the film's ability to find humor in the face of death give it an added boost. While many of Akira's other movies are known for being over-the-top, the acting and dialogue in this film all seemed genuine and appropriate for the setting. The film's finale fails to deliver closure to the story, however, it manages to provide enough direction to the story to satisfy this viewer. The Living End is at least commendable for confronting social issues that many would prefer left alone.

Abdulmalik A (mx) wrote: A really lame made-for-television attempt to keep the Omen series going.

Veniea T (ru) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

Josh G (ca) wrote: This is a weaker entry in the series and the monster fights aren't the most memorable.

Shari L (it) wrote: an inspirational story of lacrosse. completely recommend.

Alexis W (nl) wrote: best jason stathim movie of all time

Logan M (kr) wrote: Cooler and more stylized than most cat-and-mouse thrillers, "Premium Rush" is one enjoyably wild ride.