A woman creates a man from the bodies of the dead...and falls in love with him.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A woman creates a man from the bodies of the dead...and falls in love with him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ennis Brokeback L (ca) wrote: This movie sucks. The only good thing about this trash is Swamee Ted and it wastes him.

Jayna B (ag) wrote: absolutely hilarious

Alex W (us) wrote: really interesting story that could have been told better. maybe it would work better as a doc

Luigi T (de) wrote: the first Pang's film i watch, great

Christopher B (gb) wrote: Great movie. Well done in every way. Ruffalo shines, a must see.

Greg R (ag) wrote: This is over-the-top, nonsensical, awesomeness! It's beautifully stylized and again I just love the extreme overreactive-ness it has. Great job Travolta, great job Cage, and great job director John Woo!

Ricky H (br) wrote: Not the best action film on the market and offers little in the way of unique events and plot, but overall a pretty good movie. Strays in a big way from the source material, but that is to be expected. In this case, however, that straying resulted in the plot taking weird turns and in parts making very little sense. It does wrap up nicely so the plot holes are acceptable, but it would have been better off to just stay on track with the source material and play out that same story in a bigger and bolder way.

Lucas D (us) wrote: An exciting and enjoyable flick, which does surprisingly great things with its meagre budget.

Ryan T (kr) wrote: Josef Locke is my god. A fun movie about a club owner who goes to Ireland to try and find Josef Locke and convince him to play a gig.

Wrik S (de) wrote: The only thing paralyzing the cinema, is its ultra- in the face approach... could take a long time to think and feel the movie to be appreciated..

Suie F (us) wrote: Very funny movie with great music!

John A (au) wrote: Black Eagle Is A Terribly Written & Produced, Cold War Thriller. This B-Movie Action Flick Stars Sho Kosugi (Enter The Ninja, Revenge Of The Ninja) & Jean-Claude Van Damme (Kickboxer, Bloodsport). This Is One Of Those Rare Times JCVD Has Played The Villain. As Andrei JCVD Is Greatly Intimidating, Sadly Thats All This Film Has Really Going For It. It Has A Bad Script, Basic Run of The Mill Cold War Plot, Some Terrible Performances & Some Cheesy Martial Arts Sequences. But I Suppose With One Chase, And An Aborted Fight Scene Within The First 55 Minutes Who Can Really Call This An Action Film.

Kristal M (jp) wrote: 2 starts only cause I love Bruce!

David M (fr) wrote: Want to see a movie where Ben Stiller can actually make you laugh. it is. This movie was hilarious and I have got to say that Jay Roach did well here.

Kevin R (es) wrote: Does it hurt to be dead?"A man and his wife have a special little boy that sees a ghost in the house they live in. Meanwhile, the wife's sister believes in the ability to hypnotize and the husband allows himself to be her target at a party. Beginning that night he can see the same ghost as his son. The father and son work together to release the ghost from their property."I don't want to talk about this because it scares mom."David Koepp, director of Secret Window, Premium Rush, Ghost Town, The Trigger Effect, and Mortdecai, delivers Stir of Echoes. The storyline for this movie is very interesting. There are many dark and eerie scenes and the characters are interesting. The cast includes Kevin Bacon, Kathryne Erbe, Illeana Douglas, Zachary David Cope, and Kevin Dunn."He'll stick it in a bowl of soup if it's warm."I came across this on Netflix recently and decided to give it a viewing for the first time in a long time. I liked it better now than when I had previous watched this. It was entertaining and fun to watch unfold. This is clever and does have some unique elements. This is a must see for fans of the horror genre."They're going to kill you."Grade: B

(jp) wrote: im glad they got married

Chance R (de) wrote: Though fairly flawed at times with its attempt to be edgy in a culture where saying "damn it" is not all that crazy, To Save a Life takes chances that most films don't (religious or otherwise) and try to relay realistic emotions a high schooler struggling to figure out whether he or she wants to live a life dedicated to God. This seems to be a question far too easily thrown away as garbage and this movie tries to answer it anyway.