Correspondencia Jonas Mekas - J.L. Guerin

Correspondencia Jonas Mekas - J.L. Guerin


A series of video letters between José Luis Guerín and Jonas Mekas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Correspondencia Jonas Mekas - J.L. Guerin torrent reviews

Austin S (kr) wrote: This is an awesome movie. You can see there has been some improvement since the second movie. I would definitely recommend this movie to families.

Janice B (nl) wrote: Long ago, I decided I would investigate any movie I came across which featured Dame Judi. I had no prior knowledge of the film or the real people behind it. Because I attended a Catholic college, I am familiar with the Church and had spent my share of time with guilt-ridden Catholic girlfriends. However, that experience did nothing to prepare me for the power of the storyline nor the impact this heart-wrenching tale would have on me. Dame Judi delivers an outstanding portrayal of a strong, wise and loving woman with whom I related immediately. Her performance brought the story to life -- I laughed, cried and got so angry I had to stop the film to stomp around. Watch this and keep the Kleenex near! It's a Girl Cry Movie for grown-up, thinking girls (and even boys).

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Gary M (it) wrote: To be honest, I really enjoyed it. I thought it was funny, had great action and good fighting scenes.

eni r (us) wrote: For a chill day. Watched it just cause it's Lucy Hale <3

Wilfredo Antonio A (nl) wrote: Un desastre de pelcula, literalmente hablando.

Hama B (jp) wrote: Speechless as to how shallow it is.

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ld p (gb) wrote: Wow what a great and funny movie! Some call this Norwegian odd couple movie. I disagree. The is a very funny real life story about two men who become roommates through the Norwegian welfare state. It is the presentation of their trails and tribulations in joining the real world (with the help of their social worker) It is so oddball so quirky so honest--this movie is just incredible on several levels. Easily one of my top 20 favorite movies of the last five years. recommended watching Five stars.

Rachel N (it) wrote: I remember seeing this film, but couldn't remember Rachel Griffiths being in it. Om Puri is such an incredibly talented actor.

Laura C (nl) wrote: Very disappointing. I am not happy!

rosemarie s (it) wrote: good & funny about a spaghetti western spoof on "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly".

Byron B (br) wrote: nominated for best foreign film at the oscars

Joseph H (jp) wrote: doesnt seem interesting

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