Miguel, who escaped from prison two months before finishing his sentence, thinks only of revenge and finding his beloved Diana.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:1982
  • Language:Estonian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Frank P (us) wrote: I sort of thought that Simon Pegg was in a position to choose his vehicles. This is not a vehicle, unless you consider a Yugo a vehicle. You keep watching, thinking that it's setting up for something great; it's not.

Alex P (nl) wrote: Radnor is better suited on tv where he can be part of a more ensemble cast, too much of his depressed "wish I was younger and in love" shtick can start to bring you down. The story is, however, relatable for anyone who wishes they can do college again.

Donegal H (au) wrote: A very interesting look into the personalities behind E.L.F. and their motivations.

Jeremy S (mx) wrote: Why oh why was this even made? Sucking the life out of a franchise which had very little life any way

Toni G (ca) wrote: omg I love this show George Lass really does need to let go of her living family though.

LeThY (de) wrote: tyutuyioip bhftui jtysefb htr8k'op; tr7rtyjyityu

Jeremy B (ru) wrote: A good movie that really showed homosexuality from a different perspective. I really enjoyed it.

ld p (nl) wrote: Eban and Charley (2000) I don't know how I have ended up with so many gay movies lately in my netflix queue. The few I have seen have been rotten. I have a queue of 450 films when a film has long wait or short wait I move all those up to the top of my queue (just to see how this messes around with netflix computer allocation system). So at the top of my netflix queue there are 30 -40 movies short and long wait. lately all the ones shipping have been some strange movies. This one is the worst. James Bolton directs this spare, sensitive depiction of an uncomfortable subject -- man-boy love. To me this film was not really man boy love --it is more a matter of the adult male not being full mental capacity or developmentally slow (even though he graduated college) A 29 year old teacher is living with his parents after getting fired from his job. at the beach he meets a younger guy 16 who has returned home because his mother died. They become friends and then involved sexually. Basically the premise of this film is supporting the ideas of the 29 year old that love with under 18 youth is ok. Director Bolton manages to work up considerable sympathy for Eban and Charley, well played by Fellows and Andrade, and their predicament, but it's impossible not to wish that Eban would wait until Charley was of age to become involved with him romantically. Bolton makes a quietly impassioned, if unconvincing, case that what Eban and Charley do with their lives and with each other is nobody else's business, but it is reasonable for society to be concerned with the emotional well-being of its underage youth. Bolton is far more persuasive in showing how isolated and endangered Eban and Charley are in this small community. Few people will be able to go along with Bolton's point of view regarding relationships between adults and underage youths, but there's no denying the writer-director, in his feature debut, has avoided sensationalism in telling this story. Eban was forced to flee Seattle under threat of prosecution after having an affair with one of his charges Some folks could be sympathetic (ala The Reader) (not me), but the script is just bad bad bad. one star wishing I had watched something else.

Logan M (es) wrote: About as bewildering and enigmatic as a single movie can be, "Pi" is a thriller with a true meaning that could be as complex as its plot, or as simple as the thought that there are answers in life we may never grasp.

Jacob M (gb) wrote: Mulan is the Chinese tale of a girl trying to save her father and bring honor to her family. She impersonates a man to join the military for the fight against the Hun army. For every person who has a parent that is sick and defenseless this story strikes home. Anyone would do the same to insure that their parent doesn't die while at war. That is why I think it resonates so deeply with the audience today. The music is top tier and the voice acting is on point. The character of Mushu is the comedic heart of the film that will keep children loving to watch this over and over.

TheMrs i (gb) wrote: I watched this movie again yesterday for about the 3rd time and I am usually not one for repeats but I loved this movie. It was like it was the first time!

Jessica H (gb) wrote: a political love story.

bill s (es) wrote: Should have just walked away from this house....not worth the trouble.

Joe T (gb) wrote: The plot doesn't really go anywhere - but the details are still fascinating.

Lisa J (kr) wrote: I saw this so long ago, but I remember it was not very good.

Arun J (gb) wrote: This movie might suit us too! Try changing the system and get victimized!One dialogue stands out - " I can compromise on strategy but never principle" - How true :-)

Michael A (de) wrote: Voila Pialat qui touche juste. Dutronc extra en Vincent Van Gogh. Une belle et emouvante tranche de vie.

Eliabeth N (es) wrote: In no way the best of old films, but it still has its charm. James Stewart, for one, is his lovely self, and the film has real emotion embedded within it. It deals beautifully with some of the problems marriages face when starting out, as well as having enough light humour to keep you entertained. Definatly worth a watch if you have a free Sunday afternoon.

Mira B (fr) wrote: Absolute waste of time. It is not not funny, it is unfunny. So again, who made me watch it?

Juliano K (ca) wrote: I really feel-good movies, this one is kinda cool tho!