• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:Filipino,Tagalog
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Cortes 1977 full movies, Cortes torrents movie

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Cortes torrent reviews

Blake D (it) wrote: Not as bad as everyone says, if you enjoy the game series.

Scott R (gb) wrote: A modern human existential tragedy that hit close to home, luckily it left me feeling reasonably optimistic. By examining a new psychiatrist's life it shows how complicated and demanding all our lives can be with no right or wrong answers, or clearly laid out paths. Her father gave her a good guiding light, but not all of us are so fortunate. It left me thinking about life and its meaning, this is always a good thing.

Mitchell F (fr) wrote: The WORST movie/story line I have ever seen. The supposed hero (The mother) commits numerous armed felonies, subjects her children to gun fights and endangers their lives over and over. When her child needs insulin, she commits armed robbery of a pharmacy and is involved in a shoot-out with her children nearby, instead of rushing her child to the hospital. I found myself rooting for the police to catch her and put her away for 20 years for all the felonies she commits in this movie, including the felonious acting of all involved.

Brandon H (ag) wrote: It was a good movie with a little twist to it. I thought the characters should have lasted a little longer than they did. It didn't really delve to deep on each character. Although if they had it may have been too long of a movie.

Nicola W (mx) wrote: Loved this. How Spiderman came to be and he saved new york from the evil lizard. Great film.

Benjamin W (fr) wrote: I don't know if this was supposed to be funny, because it turned out just like a weird and gross version of "The Odyssey" where the writers scanned over the Cliff's Notes . . .


Michael B (de) wrote: exelent movie hillarious and serious richard pryor outstanding

Patrick B (ca) wrote: I still need to see more surfer movies, but as of now, Big Wednesday has some of the best surfing footage I have ever seen. The camera actually goes inside the wave as it topples over. The last few minutes of the film were just outstanding as we see these three friends surf together for the last time. My only issue is with the script which gets overly sentimental in parts, but aside from that, Big Wednesday is a breathtaking surfer movie.

Jon P (au) wrote: Surprisingly structured, with a proper plot and actual characters, this infamous Charles Band production isn't quite as bad as you might think. Trouble is, that's precisely why it's impossible to watch without falling asleep.Regularly cited as one of the worst movies ever made, Laserblast is a confused jumble of sounds and images each representing the late 1970s at its very worst. The plot follows an androgynous teen nerd named Billy who finds a laser gun in the desert and uses it to blast bullies.Highlights include squeaky stop-motion aliens, confused cops and a love scene with extreme XXL lip and fingernail closeups. Bad points include every other aspect of the entire movie. Visually, narratively and aurally exhausting.

xatstilo x (jp) wrote: The story follows a man, Aden, played by the American George Shannon, who flees society after the death of his controlling mother. Out in the wilderness he encounters the beauty of nature, and under the tutelage of a hermit named Marvel, becomes a "normal homme." Aden falls desperately in love with Marvel, who can communicate with animals, the clouds, and the sun.

John R (de) wrote: January 2010March 2017

Guido S (jp) wrote: There are bad Nic Cage movies, then there is Bangkok Dangerous. He plays a hitman who starts to question his life after finding a woman which causes a lot of havoc. Could have been good, but nothing was that interesting. The characters weren't good, the action wasn't good, the story is cliche ridden and doesn't bring anything new to the table. It is pretty unremarkable and one of those films you'll likely forget a few days later.

Shawna R (ag) wrote: queen latifa is awesome!