Corujas Caçam A Noite

Corujas Caçam A Noite


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:70 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Corujas Caçam A Noite torrent reviews

Kevork O (au) wrote: The plot of this underground movie, filmed in secret and on location in Tehran, is deceivingly simple: two young musicians try to form a band and organise a concert in London, while circumventing the restrictions of the Islamic Republic. On the way to its shockingly abrupt, tragic denouement we get a colourful taste of a different Iran, one where youngsters play and enjoy indie rock, heavy metal, rap, blues, and traditional music, right under the noses of a corrupt theocratic regime, sometimes at considerable personal cost. Recommended viewing!

Steen T (ca) wrote: A couple of thoughts about Eric Rohmer and Hong Sang-soo, because the two are sometimes compared and I recently watched the former's A Good Marriage (1982, France) and the latter's Woman on the Beach. It occurred to me that Rohmer barely uses the environment in his movies. By this I mean that all the conversations in his movies could just as easily take place in one room; his characters walk around and go in and out of houses and apartments, but it really doesn't make much of a difference and they rarely make any references to their environment. Of course, Rohmer's characters are pretty much all extremely eloquent so they don't need any excuses to talk. The people that populate Hong's movies, on the other hand, often refer to places they're in and use it to start conversations, or indeed to avoid talking about painful subjects, and they rarely get around to saying what they really mean. Woman on the Beach is Hong's funniest movie to date (this was especially apparent when I saw it for the third time in a packed cinema; several scenes got everybody snickering) but it still does the usual job of a Hong movie to expose all the failings of communication between men and women. Funny and vicious.

Michael A (it) wrote: In the tradition of the Horror/ Comedy, Mr. Freddy Kreuger himself direct's this cheese ball horror flick Killer Pad. It's got a who's who of B and C list actors like "What's his face" and "OMG thats the guy from that one movie" and "Joey Lawrence"..This is definitly a 7 in my book, and take note..i will always rate on how the movie stands alone and not how it compairs to others. I would say this is definitly worth picking up. With the Saturday the 14th feel, the great one liners, and some pretty cool deaths. It's without a doubt something i'd watch again. So hit your dollar dvd bin up at your local movie shops and see if you can't find a copy for your collection!

Ted W (jp) wrote: Love it!! Love it so much I have no other words to say.

Chun W (kr) wrote: Released the same time Jackie all in the same year as other Jackie Chan 70s traditonal kung fu movies such as Snake in Eagle's Shadow and Snake,Crane Art of Shaolin and his big break Drunken Master.Story is abit weak and everywhere, and the action doesn't kick in till half way through, but the fight with Jackie using tonfas against a dozen Shaolin Monks is pretty awesomely choreography and it's deffo one to make a worthy note off.

Beaver D (es) wrote: Like an episode of EastEnders meets last of the summer wine

Matty S (de) wrote: Certainly Ferrara's dark vision will not be for most, but this brutally realistic film packs a punch. Harvey Keitel truly morphs into every fiber of this character. He stumbles, attacks and moves forward like a mortally-wounded dog. Transgressive and sordid, the film goes farther than it should. But as the remembrance of the officer's former life and faith seeps into his current state of debauchery, there is a clunky begging for redemption and humanity.

Jonny C (us) wrote: Chinatown is a classic noir film and is not just one of the best in its he genre but one of the best movies of all time. This film not only has some really great twists and turns during its amazing story but it has one of the best and most memorable ending scenes in the history of cinema. I watched it recently for the first time in about 10 years and was just utterly amazed by the great directing from the legend Roman Polanski along with the cinematography and production in this movie. Beautiful set pieces a solid story line with suspense and action and a great script, this movie is also a really good period peice the costume design and set design are very accurate to the time. And the acting was great oh man Jack Nicholson was a force through the 70s and 80s he just demolishes his role, Faye Dunaway was also really good. If i have one complaint a out this movie is that its run time is slightly long and drags a little at points. But If you're a true Cinephile or movie junkie this is a 100% watch if you havnt watched this yet you're missing out on a cinematic masterpiece. 8.25/10

Luis M (fr) wrote: Uniquely interesting at that with a touch of reality. Director Monthon Arayangkoon (The House) tells a tale within a tale starring Pitchanart Sakakorn playing a multitude a characters ...hmm...wonder if she got paid extra for that - lot of work. Synopsis: Ting (Sakakorn) is a hardworking actress whom involves herself in reenactment occupation for prior murders. With popularity on the rise for the young performer, she takes on a job that begins a ghostly disturbance coming from the other side. It's very different from the typical Asian horror, but can be downright confusing you just about lose all thought on what is going on. The answers are all there, all you have to do is watch the film a second time that may or may not be a little more enjoyable. The murder stories in this film are from real cases and filmed in its actual locations where they originally happened. However, with all this paranormal CG or no CG, and supposedly some real ghostly scenes caught on camera towards the end, it wasn't enough to be a part of the scariest films list. Too many ghostly scenes without much of them really getting under your skin, but affective enough to keep your scare level rising until it finally hits you.

Michele M (us) wrote: Heartwarming, philosophical movie about death relationships and family...and bloody funny moments thanx to kids and Billy Connelly!!Whats really important in your life? Dont sweat the small stuff!???