The story about a wild week at the Spanish coast. Romance at the beach, competition on the dance floor. Salty water, sweet kisses...

The story about a wild week at the Spanish coast. Romance at the beach, competition on the dance floor. Salty water, sweet kisses... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy L (it) wrote: After the first few scenes, it could have been literally any postapocalyptic movie. Something new, please.

Peyton P (kr) wrote: The Lords of Salem is a prime example of style over substance. The imagery and atmosphere are excellent, but the story just crumbles slowly into nonsensical devil blahbadeblah.

Ida K (fr) wrote: I found this fictional movie somewhat anticlimatic after watching footage of the real thing.

Chad O (gb) wrote: Twisted and disturbing backwoods horror film from Belgium. While the plot may sound like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it plays out nothing like that. Though one scene plays like a straight rip from Tobe Hooper's 1973 masterpiece, the rest of this unsettling tale doesn't play out like anything else I've ever seen. Atmospheric and beautiful cinematography with top notch acting make this very memorable and will stick in your head for a good while afterwards.

Ca M (it) wrote: Not to bad of a vampire character. Some characters i wish they did more with. This movie I found to be anti-climatic. The animation is wonderful.

Keith C (gb) wrote: A well constructed and performed comedy.

Jon K (nl) wrote: Welp, it's Angelina Jolie's film debut, and she does indeed have "a bright future behind her."*facepalm*How the hell do you make a sequel... to Cyborg?

Jesse L (ag) wrote: Certifiably weird. Though less an adaptation than an homage to Burroughs in general, Cronenberg has created a bizarre, meaty masterpiece that is as disturbing as it is bewildering.

John K (it) wrote: Funny, offbeat and refreshing. Definitely worth seeing. I was in stitches the first time I saw it.

Kelly W (ru) wrote: Entertaining to watch Al Pacino in a romantic comedy

Adam S (es) wrote: A definitive B-movie in all respect. The titular monster is a tragic creature, just as Godzilla and other kaiju are. It offers more personal relations between monsters and humans---something that other monster films lack.

steven n (nl) wrote: A mostly terrible movie with a great cast. The director missed the mark here.

Jonathan S (au) wrote: god damn it I want to see it again

Ryley R (us) wrote: The animation is sloppy, most of the jokes have already been used in films decades ago, and the jokes that haven't been used already are too on the nose.

JeanPol C (gb) wrote: My opinion-."Trainspotting" is a movie by Danny Boyle, adapted by Irvine Welsh'sbest-seller in 1993, describing the adventures of a group of youngScottish heroin addicts and it was this movie that launched the careerof The actor Ewan McGregor, who takes the lead. Beyond the addiction todrugs, the film explores the sordid living conditions of the youngergeneration in a Scotland in full economic depression. "Trainspotting"does not constitute an apology for drugs, and thanks to a great scriptthat dares to unveil this glaucous universe of Scottish junkieswhatever junkie is a universal word and the situations in Scotland arethe same everywhere. Danny Boyle approaches with humor and almost acertain lightness, a taboo subject that is drug, the movie is also verywell realized and on a very good rhythm. A movie that I advise