A madman captures a young boy and rigs him with explosives. Ray Fitzpatrick, still haunted by the loss of his own son, will defy orders to stop the clock and save a life

WWE superstars Dolph Ziggler and Kane lead the action in this electrifying and heart-pounding thriller. When a madman kidnaps a young boy and rigs him with explosives, Ray (Ziggler), haunted by the loss of his young son, defies his captain (Kane) and takes matters into his own hands. Now, he must beat the clock to stop a psychopath and save an innocent child. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve L (ca) wrote: First off, the poster may be a little misleading. Thomas Haden Church plays the lead role of Willie and Terrence Howard is one of the supporting actors. On to the movie itself, I thought it was a good character piece about a lonely homeless man on the streets of Los Angeles who finds a diary once belonging to a little girl. Reading her diary, she kind of becomes his imaginary friend. Throughout his days, he encounters a disabled war veteran played by Boyd Halbrook (Narcos) and some deviant rich kids who uses Willie for their own pleasures. Some may criticize this movie for not going gritty enough or being a little melodramatic. Myself, I enjoyed Willie's story and hope to see more from Knate Lee. B

Nishlank J (it) wrote: Its engrossing, sensational, powerful, with stellar and award winning performances from the star cast, Suzanne Clment, in particular is thrilling. However, It's all too much, the first hour of the 21/2-hour-plus running time is engaging, while the remaining become a drag and the same characters become unbearable. Nonetheless, performances and drama are worth the long duration.

Luke G (au) wrote: The cinematography was good. So are RDJ and Jude Law, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't getting drowsy at times.

Abdulai A (fr) wrote: Great story ,Awesome battles

Kate I (fr) wrote: Impaler unfortunately winds up being more about Sharkey's mental illness than about weirdos running for office. That's the material, but there's only so much that can be done with an ill person acting as though they're not.

Jos M (gb) wrote: Pedro Almodovar's Los abrazos rotos might not be his greatest work, but its visually beautiful as always, and presents amazing performances from its ensemble cast with a smartly written script and engaging storytelling, presenting a drama that still manages to show unusual and clever humour that only Almodovar can deliver.

Jacob G (au) wrote: I saw a part of this, I think. Bernie Mac is one of those actors who is somehow much better than he should be. I could see him taking a totally lame baeball movie and actually making it funny. I'd see.

Laurel N (nl) wrote: So sweet.The music in this film was great.

Thomas B (jp) wrote: A strange, meandering plot with a poor script wastes a perfectly good Robin Williams. Full review later.

Mauricio H (jp) wrote: Assistir "Moloch" foi como passar uma hora e meia na frente de uma TV desligada. O diretor do fantstico "Arca Russa" transformou um tema supostamente interessante (a intimidade de Adolf Hitler e sua amante Eva) em um trabalho enfadonho, vazio e pretensioso. Pelo menos as atuaes so decentes.

Jack G (ru) wrote: a demented chamber piece, punctuated by what's arguably Alan Rickman's best performance (or the best you've never seen probably). Madeline Stowe is very good too, though on an occasion or two she gets a little too far in her showy lead role. It's Rickman, as the interrogator, who really has a lot more of the heavy lifting, as someone we can't quite figure out: is the interrogator a true psychopath, or are there other things he's not telling her (at least not outright) that would mean they have a connection from her past? The scene where he puts on the 'other' voice of the interrogator when she's blindfolded had me not sure whether I should laugh hysterically, or just star mouth agape. I kinda did both. Oh, and three reasons why it's awesome? Bill Pope cinematography, Philip Glass score, and it's basically a feature-length version of the interrogation scene from V For Vendetta, only redone by Kafka and better

Alexander C (gb) wrote: Would like to see at some stage.

Christopher B (de) wrote: Early Miyazaki, and very messed up, especially in the English dub, where the Papa Panda has a voice that has to be heard to be believed. Best for small kids (my 3 year old is insane for it) and people with chemically-altered consciousnesses.

Wes S (it) wrote: Strange plot, crazy effects, and overall an interesting story. It's not the most well written story, filled with confusion and bumps, but it's entertaining for someone who likes older Japanese horror.

Fredrik C (ru) wrote: An ok noir take on the story of John Dillinger.

Jacob B (it) wrote: Madagascar manages to remain slightly more appealing to children going for only a few adult jokes and a more cartoony-looking animation style rather than the "realistic" animation style of Antz and Shrek. The film boasts a talented cast and Sacha Baron Cohen shines as King Julien. Its story isn't great and there aren't much open spaces (i.e. it mostly takes place on the titular island and I found it a bit boring at times) but it still boasts enough entertainment value to keep audiences amused for 80 minutes.