Countdown to Zero

Countdown to Zero

A documentary about the escalating nuclear arms race.

A documentary about the escalating nuclear arms race. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maxime V (gb) wrote: cacaboudin belle cinematographie et musique mais le reste c'est simplement #cacaboudin

Ching T (br) wrote: As formulaic and predictable as this chic flick is, it was thoroughly enjoyable. Makes you wonder why Kathryn Heigl isn't cast anymore because she's wonderful.

Geoff J (de) wrote: Decent low budget zombie thirller, which has enough pleasant twists on the genre to keep things moving. McNamee made an enjoyably nutso villianess.

John Eric D (ru) wrote: Wow I'm surprised, this was much better than the first one. Still you will expect a generic vampire flick but Wiseman did at least improved everything from the first. With all the dirty image of some bloody gore, sex and killing spree slashes. It's more fast paced than before. Other than that it is still generic as it could be. Better to be drunk to enjoy.

Will A (au) wrote: Fantastic film in every respect, but could have done with some more background to the conflict.

Jose L (mx) wrote: Kind of weird but it's coo.

Dave C (ag) wrote: one of my all time favourite movies,even the music was great,it will soon be a classic

Justin T (jp) wrote: Day for Night is a film I long anticipated for watching it and can finally do in good faith with criterion's new edition out now. This movie captures the pure essence of filming. From off set drama to on set production problems, Francois Truffaut, who plays the director within the film and directed this movie, shows us the inside looks of filmmaking process. The supporting cast is like an Altman movie here, all stand out in their roles and it is shot and edited beautifully by people who live for cinema. If you love movies at all, watch this. Highly Recommended!

Todd c (it) wrote: Apparently there are 13 movies in this series,did we need 13?Beats me,I've never seen any of 'em!!

Arie S (fr) wrote: Mesmerising. A must for classic film buffs. Miss Davis is filled with venom and rage, clearly revelling in her chance to go at with Miss Crawford. And on Miss Crawford's end, she plays it with a wonderful amount of dignity and nobility. Rumours abound about behind the scenes fighting between the two. If so, that has only made their performances that much greater.

Daniel K (fr) wrote: Great restoration and great story behind the print. One only wishes more classic films once though to be lost forever were found again. In particular, I'd like the full cut of Cleopatra and every one of Orson Welles' cuts. Both Valentino and Swanson are wonderful, although neither gives their best performance. I always wonder how this type of acting would work today and what today's acting would look like in a silent film. This is photographed beautifully, but the narrative is a bit lacking, which prevents it from being a truly great film. Excellent final scene and dialogue though.

Vaughan A (ag) wrote: watching with Molly.

Baurushan J (ag) wrote: The story is about Recent graduate Matt Franklin played by Topher Grace who should be working for a Fortune 500 company and starting his upward climb to full-fledged yuppie-hood. Without any directions for the future, he confounds his family and friends by taking a part-time job behind the counter of a video store where he hits the screeching halt of his high-school crush, Tori Frederking played by Teresa Palmer when she walks into the store. When she invites him to an end-of-summer party, Matt finally has the chance to be with the girl of his dreams. With his twin sister Wendy played by Anna Faris and his best friend Barry played by Dan Fogler, together they all embark on a once-in-a-lifetime evening, sharing experiences that will change the course of their lives on one unforgettable night. This movie was hard to review because the film itself was incredibly forgettable but from what I can remember was kinda epic. Take Me Home Tonight gets a 6/10.