A Secret Service agent and his brother, a reckless ATF agent, try to stop a group of extreme right-wing U.S. military mercenaries, led by a fanatic Taiwanese vixen, who hijack the Queen Mary 2 ocean liner with the U.S. and Chinese presidents on board with the aim to steal China's nuclear codes to arm China's ICBM missiles to use as bargaining chips for their personal crusade against China.

When a peace summit upon the QE2 is attacked by terrorists, estranged brothers, one an ATF agent, the other a Secret Service agent, must come together to thwart the extremist's plans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Counterstrike torrent reviews

Lee M (gb) wrote: Solid acting nearly overcomes a lack of dynamic tension in this family-friendly film.

Jeff J (nl) wrote: I bought this because I am a Shailene fan. Maybe it was a bad script but Kat is so flimsy. All of the characters were dry and confused. I wanted to like this movie but there was simply no substance to get attached to.

Hoss J (es) wrote: In a world where most lesbian movies are terrible and most movies about "dysfunctional" (read: white, middle class, relatively functional) families are terrible, Drool is an outstanding film. Considering the dreary subject matter-- abuse, poverty, racism, homophobia-- this movie is entertaining without delving into B-movie territory. The characters are deep and flawed and amusing all at the same time. Drool is the definition of whistling in the dark. Passes the Bechdel Test with flying colors.

Crystal B (fr) wrote: Wouldn't have heard of this film without The Sundance Channel. Thanks Sundance. What a cute British movie about deciding what to do with a relationship: work it out, give it up, or something in between.

Iain G (au) wrote: The guy obviously has problems from the start and yet everyone is seemingly oblivious to them which is just irritating to watch. It's a new take on the holocaust genre but it doesn't appeal to me, in fact the only reason I decided to watch it was because I liked the poster art :)

Thomas K (ca) wrote: A well made political thriller.

Chris S (nl) wrote: Hilariously cheesy 80s saxploitation in which when the final credits roll the sax and guitar solos are credited before the actors. 'Do you need some Chapstick or lip gloss or something? Your lips keep getting stuck on your teeth. Or is that your idea of a smile?'

Greg N (es) wrote: Always fun to watch Tracy and Hepburn together and this film doesnt dissapoint. Also fun to see a film from '57 about computers being introduced in to the work place and threatening peoples jobs. Lots of name-checks for IBM as well. Charming, but not a classic.

Vadim D (kr) wrote: This was Johnny Depp prior to his schtick, and it reminds you the range he had ( which is strange in itself because he became so known for his range of whacky, goofy characters, but after a while all those character s kind of grouped themselves together). Still I found this movie to be tedious and predictable. I couldn't finish it in one seating, but kept coming back to it. It just didn't grab me and pull me in as a good character drama should do.

Chloe A (jp) wrote: 4 1/2 stars! Great movie! From heartbreak to love it really is good! I love Jason Segal and Mila Kunis, so having them both in the same movie was great! It definitely is a feel good movie! :)