Country Blue

Country Blue

Bobby Lee (Jack Conrad) has just been released from jail and wants to make a better life for he and girlfriend Ruthie (Rita George).

A story based in the south and has poverty, and corruption. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Country Blue torrent reviews

Alex A (ag) wrote: Interesting, intense, deep

John T (es) wrote: Really didn't like this one. Cute little girl becomes a hooker. She gets taken in by a more mature well off hooker. Things go bad as their John gets killed in front of them and the killers hunt the girls. Execution was weak. This was pretty boring.

David N (mx) wrote: Bon il est dj mieux que tout les autres "sauf le 2me qui est unique" a part cela, c'est pas des baff au romain qu'il faudrait faire mais au franais de constamment dtruire cette oeuvre. enfin bref si cela les amuse.

Colleen P (br) wrote: Billed as "the greatest break-up story ever told", this is the story of Sita and Rama told in different ways, but primarily through love-sick blues. (The basics, according to the movie: Ram is a warrior-prince incarnation of Vishnu who is married to Sita; Sita is stolen by an evil king and desperately wants to get back to Ram, but then he can't trust her virtue after living in another man's house. ) I'm not a fan of blues, but it's so well used here. In fact, mixing the blues with Sita's story is a pretty brilliant cultural mashup. The use of different styles of animation to present different aspects of the story is a nice touch too (even though I didn't actually like all the styles-Sita looks a bit like Betty Boop when she's signing the blues). My favorite part is probably not the coolest part of the film; it's the 3 people trying to remember the story to explain it. They clearly value the story, but they also make fun of it a bit. It's especially amusing to listen to the 2 men interpret the story in a modern context and talk about how Sita should have just moved on because Ram didn't treat her well.

Ben H (de) wrote: It may be drawn out at points, and it may have its flaws, but it's a powerful story that should be seen by anyone who works with kids.

Muhammad T (nl) wrote: ???? ??????? ?? ???? ??????

n3LsOn b (ca) wrote: I'm definitely no idea in this movie...(",)

David S (kr) wrote: I loved this film.. Saw a bit of it when staying in Mumbles Swansea and thought it the local soap! On seeing the whole film realised its a classic. Don't take the characters seriously its a parody of extremes, know Swansea well and they love a laugh! Great light hearted adult/ late adolescent viewing. You will always giggle. eg "They've only stolen the parle officers Fiat Punto" - "How do you know?" - " Because it says Fiat F###### Punto on the back" - The Welsh Python/Pulp Fiction. Enjoy the ride.

Noah F (mx) wrote: Funny, intense, and smart at all the right times. Die hard with a vengeance is an amazing follow up that almost matches up to the original, although the ending is a bit rushed.

We J (nl) wrote: this is an awesome film and the cast is fantastic , winky poos and bot bots well worth a watch

Thorne W (mx) wrote: The whole movie is a joke.... and a bad one at that. It has a few humorous scenes, about the only really funny scenes are the scenes where Travis is brain-blocked and Alice Cooper's scenes. The movie redeemed itself a bit when Alice came on playing the song "Pain", just because it's one of the best little-known Alice Cooper songs out there. Other than that though, the movie is worthless, so unless you're a fan of one of the musicians in the movie, steer clear. In closing, I couldn't get past how much Meat Loaf reminds me of a really young, really fat, long-haired Malcolm McDowell.

K S (nl) wrote: Classic noir that involves Richard Widmark, an Army doctor(?) who is trying to find a criminal (a young Jack Palance) who carries a strain of the bubonic plague. The title of the movie summarizes the turn of events.

Anna N (kr) wrote: Classified as a classic = Interested.

Tyler D (fr) wrote: a powerful movie about the importance of insurance for the small business owner.

Ethan P (fr) wrote: One of the best films ever made.

Logan M (mx) wrote: Bringing Edgar Wright's Cornetto trilogy to close, "The World's End" is furious, bloody good fun.

Facebook U (ru) wrote: Strange film. A french film in english, in england even. All talk and psychological. Not a single bombing or murder in this. One dog wailled a bit at one point.

Greg W (br) wrote: the excessive violence makes this one go