Country Cuzzins

Country Cuzzins

A young woman living in L.A. goes back to her family's homestead way up in the mountains for a family reunion. At first put off by her relatives' hillbilly ways, she soon decides to let her hair down and join in the fun. Before she leaves she invites them all to stop by her place in Los Angeles if they're ever in the area. They soon are, and they do.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:hose,   bathroom,   drinking,  

A young woman living in L.A. goes back to her family's homestead way up in the mountains for a family reunion. At first put off by her relatives' hillbilly ways, she soon decides to let her... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cana G (ag) wrote: Entirely uncomfortable watching at first. Annette Benning is hard to watch but obviously acts brilliantly in this role! A heart wrenching story of adoption for three women. As always, it is always the child that suffers. Over all I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Magnus S (de) wrote: Will stand the test of time.

Jeremy S (kr) wrote: SO lets just pretend nothing in the previous films happened?

Jess H (ru) wrote: Having spent a few years working as an office temp the humor in this film was definitely not lost on me. I love the quirkiness of this movie and the cast is perfect!

Ken S (nl) wrote: While not as strong as much of Smith's other work in the Askewniverse, "Mallrats" is still somewhat underrated. The film was bashed upon release, but it has since (and rightly so) developed its own small band of supporters. Brody is a great character, and while the plot is sort of like a cartoony version of Clerks, it still works in it's own way. Part of the problem is that Smith tried to mainstream the movie, he made concessions to the studios, but it was still to blue to ever really be mainstream, so it ends up in this sort of middle ground. I still enjoy it, but it is definitely a flawed piece of work.

Jonny P (mx) wrote: "Mrs. Doubtfire" is a perfect blend of comedy and drama. It also contains an incredibly creepy concept that our minds manage to accept because of the good intentions of the film's main character. Obviously, this film is all about the contrasting roles played by Robin Williams. One is an irresponsible father in the middle of an ugly divorce. The other is a 70-year-old British nanny with a spunky-yet-nurturing personality. But the character of Mrs. Doubtfire also operates on two levels: the nanny who is taking care of the children and the man underneath the costume who must learn to take care of a house. Though the film seems goofy on the surface, Williams deserved an Oscar nomination for this impressive multifaceted performance. His antics are perfectly offset by Sally Field, who brings deep emotion to every role that she has ever played. Pierce Brosnan's character is well-written as he creates competition for Williams but never does anything that would prove him to be malicious or unlikable. The dramatic moments are very dramatic, with yelling and crying that will tug at your heartstrings. The comedic moments are hilarious, from the "Dude Looks Like a Lady" nannying montage to the entire sequence with the court liaison and the pie. The key to the film is the balance between the two. The comedy never interrupts the drama too suddenly and vice versa, so that our tears are always rewarded with laughs but in the perfect proportion. Audiences responded well to the film, making it the second highest grossing film of 1993, only falling behind the cultural phenomenon of "Jurassic Park." Critical reception was mixed and I'm surprised by its Oscar win for Best Make-Up, considering that it was competing against two of the year's most acclaimed films ("Schindler's List" and "Philadelphia"). Still, the test of time always speaks louder than the commentary of critics and "Mrs. Doubtfire" remains just as popular today as it was when it first came out.

Skye B (ru) wrote: An absolute must-see - for all. Riveting and still relevant in 2012. An absolute gem of a documentary, set to make a comeback pretty soon. Livingston acknowledges all angles of her subjects, never sets out to speak for them (visually or aesthetically) and allows them to tell the story, they are truly the stars of the show. Thought-provoking and honest, and even dares to go places other filmmakers would not (the use of underage gay couples on the street) in order to give you the honest truth, focused on a section of a group of peoples lives. It is what it is, unapologetically so, and conquers in every single way. Worth the praise, and definitely worth the effort finding it.

Jose Luis M (us) wrote: Primer encuentro de Sam Raimi con los comics, pelcula al estilo de la serie B, pero con mucho estilo.

Guy T (de) wrote: Mimi is so beautiful. Une vraie femme !

Alex S (es) wrote: Bela Tarr's Almanac of Fall disposes of the stark black and white photography and the signature long takes, but hardly suffers for it as it is replaced with interesting color juxtaposition, an excellent script, and unique camera movements that showcase Tarr's mastery of framing.

Alvin B (es) wrote: a must-see film!!! sophia is so ravishingly beautiful in this movie. a true classic for me!

aled h (fr) wrote: Disappointed in this

Tiberio S (au) wrote: It may try to be more than it is and deceive the audience by seeming 'weird,' but it's great to look at.Tonally, it's the silliest Coen Brothers movie I've ever seen, but something about that retelling Homer's Odyssey makes it all the more satisfying, as if we dare to blasphemize a classic and get a failing grade in English class.

Hashim H (kr) wrote: Not since Carpenter's Halloween has the frame been used this ingeniously, potent, primal and genuinely frightening.10/10

Betsy W (kr) wrote: Really excellent film. Can't wait to see what Jon Stewart does next.

Zoran S (ru) wrote: Inert and dull remake of Stagecoach. It's great to see Cash, Jennings, and Nelson in a film together but they can't exactly act.