When the dead body of Mr Kaplan is found, a kitchen knife in the back, all eyes turn to the maid. When the widow reveals that her departed husband was incapable of giving her children, all eyes turn to the widow. Beneath this passionate crime, a modern day detective will discover that temptation, devotion, remorse and desire are the best fuels for killing love.

When the dead body of Mr Kaplan is found, a kitchen knife in the back, all eyes turn to the maid. When the widow reveals that her departed husband was incapable of giving her children, all ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stuart P (au) wrote: Simply not a funny film. Stupid.

Todd B (fr) wrote: An important film for history that demonstrates the commitment of dedicated individuals to end government discrimination and to stop a life-ending disease. It sparked gratitude in me for how far we have come.

Sara G (it) wrote: The book was far superior in this case. I enjoyed the other 2, but I think the plot of this one just didn't make for an excellent movie. The plot is more complex and nuanced than the movie has time for. Noomi is amazing as always. I'm looking forward to seeing her in some other films.

Nick B (fr) wrote: Hate to see this movie get such a poor score, it deserves better. The soundtrack that goes with the shots is great, along with the characters being funny every now and then. It captures the adventure feeling and makes you think "wow, this is something I should do with my mates" The movie captures the freedom and mateship perfectly. Who wouldn't want to live out what happened in the movie?

Matthew C (ca) wrote: I'm giving this movie any positive rating at all because it does have a Pro-Life message! You heard me right. Pro-life. Who would have thought, in this day and age. Keri Russell and Nathan Filion are both fine actors but that's where my praise ends. This film is littered with praising the wrong things, condoning the wrong things, and baking the wrong things into the most delectable innocent-looking sweet WRONG THING! What were the filmmakers thinking? There isn't one decent man in this film, even Andy Griffith's character is sullied in some way and his voice was a joy to listen to - ok, one last positive thing - but the film is full of people choosing the wrong things, given a slap on the wrist and then everything simply works out in the end. Lessons aren't learned, consequences aren't real, there's some crying, some frustration and yes her husband is terrible (but the doctor's wife isn't, yuck too many affairs happening). This stuff in real life would have more far-reaching effect on the lives and souls of those involved. I don't recommend watching the film. Divorce, 4 people in affairs, selfishness, some patience yes, but all toward selfish means. Me me me. It can't do anything for culture other than say put yourself first, don't do anything too bad, but put yourself first. I obviously want films with conflict, drama, bad choices, but I also want stories to inspire us real people to forgive, work towards righteousness, fidelity, marriage. It's very reflective of a culture that still has a remnant of a conscience but mostly it's do what feels good. The small positives in this film are outweighed by the triumphant victory of divorce, sex, but ok ok yes a baby girl. I won't deny that showing the power of a newborn life and the affect of that child on us grown up fools is visceral and should be shared. So don't see the film, just know kids are awesome, even when unplanned.

Eric H (gb) wrote: After pleading from my kids, I added it to instant view. Imagine Pee Wee Herman on crack. Now, take away the humor and intelligence. What youre left with is Fred. Or remember when Lloyd made the most annoying sound ever in Dumb and Dumber? Imagine that sound going on for 84 minutes.

Kyle L (mx) wrote: This movie has both style and grit. I like that. But style and grit do not a great movie make. Fortunately, Zack Snyder has such a strong source material to pull from. This movie may not meet the standards of the comic book, but it is a worthy monument.

Faheem R (kr) wrote: I would have liked to watch a little happier movie. It was too sad n depressing. But still a unique story, well directed n different from ordinary. add comment

Alex C (jp) wrote: Not the worst of direct-to-video sequels, but not great either.

Cameron M (nl) wrote: As a light romcom What Women Want's premise will earn plenty of laughs but as something of substance its writing is shallow and insight into both genders is limited with stereotypes.


Ralph R (jp) wrote: Sasha Mitchell aka Cody from Step by Step fights poorly in this gobstopper of a hotdog.

Ola G (au) wrote: Odile (Anna Karina) meets a man named Franz (Sami Frey) in an English language class. She has told him of a large pile of money stashed in the villa where she lives with her aunt, Madame Victoria and a man named Monsieur Stoltz in Joinville, a Parisian suburb. Franz tells his friend Arthur (Claude Brasseur) of the money - and his nascent romance with Odile - and the two hatch a plan to steal it. Meanwhile, Franz and Arthur try to seduce Odile. Ultimately, Arthur wins Odile, and they spend the night together. Arthur's uncle learns of their plot and wants a cut of the money. Franz, Arthur, and Odile now must commit the robbery the night before they had planned, the night they knew M. Stoltz would be away from home. Moreover, M. Stoltz grows suspicious, and he hides the money and changes the locks. Will they pull off the heist? "Bande part" is a 1964 Nouvelle vague film directed by Jean-Luc Godard. It was released as Band of Outsiders in North America; its French title derives from the phrase faire bande part, which means "to do something apart from the group." The film is an adaptation of the novel Fools' Gold (Doubleday Crime Club, 1958) by American author Dolores Hitchens (1907-1973). The film belongs to the French New Wave movement. Godard described it as "Alice in Wonderland meets Franz Kafka". "Bande part" is often considered one of Godard's most accessible films; Amy Taubin of the Village Voice called it "a Godard film for people who don't much care for Godard". Its accessibility has endeared the film to a broader audience. For example, it was the only Godard film selected for Time's All-TIME 100 movies. Film critic Pauline Kael described "Bande part" as "a reverie of a gangster movie" and "perhaps Godard's most delicately charming film". The entire coffeehouse dance scene was also used as the music video for the song "Dance with Me", by the music group Nouvelle Vague from their 2006 album Bande Part. The group took their name from a scene in the movie, where Odile and Arthur are walking on a street and pass a business with Nouvelle Vague (New Wave or New Trend) in large letters over the door. Bande part was ranked No. 79 in Empire magazine's "The 100 Best Films of World Cinema" in 2010. "Bande part" has been in my DVD shelf for a long time and finally I pulled it out and saw it. This New Wave film has a touch of a beatnik tale with a jazzy and anarchistic look upon life. Within the french New Wave cinema movement the filmmakers were linked by: their self-conscious rejection of the literary period pieces being made in France and written by novelists; their spirit of youthful iconoclasm; the desire to shoot more current social issues on location; and their intention of experimenting with the film form. Many also engaged in their work with the social and political upheavals of the era, making their radical experiments with editing, visual style and narrative part of a general break with the conservative paradigm. Using portable equipment and requiring little or no set up time, the New Wave way of filmmaking presented a documentary style. The films exhibited direct sounds on film stock that required less light. Filming techniques included fragmented, discontinuous editing, and long takes. The combination of objective realism, subjective realism, and authorial commentary created a narrative ambiguity in the sense that questions that arise in a film are not answered in the end. "Bande part" is free in its form, has a touch of realism in its cinematography and you are not quite sure where the story is going as it is fragmented, despite the fact that you know the main plot. At times its an intriguing film, but at the same time it suffers from the art house cinema complex. The acting is theatrical and so is the dialogue, the need to tell the tale in chopped up order and characters that seems to be more charitures than "real" people. I do love Godards move of including scenes like the dance sequence and when the three anti heroes attempt to break the world record for running through the Louvre museum. However, theres something banal and too experimental with "Band a Parte" that doesnt quite make it for me. I wanted to like it more than I did.

Logan M (jp) wrote: Scarlet Street is a masterful piece of film noir, with pulpy characters and two-faced women. The main man, Christopher Cross, played by Edward G. Robinson leads us assuredly clear-eyed through the film's obscurities. He is put under the spell of 'Kitty' a sharp dressed girl he rescues from the shadowy arms of a thief after a drinking party with fellow workers. This leads to Kitty and he going out on the spot at a sulky and suave underground bar and results in Kitty making wild assumptions of Chris' personal life, thinking in cloudy retrospect that he is a wealthy old man. Chris finds refuge from his brutal life and wife, who hangs a portrait of a double-chinned Welles-looking man, her dead ex police husband, by painting pictures in a small narrow room she "kindly" sets aside for him. These paintings are properties of the con-jobs that Kitty follows up on after their late-night date, with the nudging of her boyfriend, a ruthless and conspicuous thief...

Patrick K (de) wrote: Forgot how funny this movie is

Sarah D (au) wrote: I love this movie! The whole thing is done so well. You can't just describe it as a teenage romance during world war 3. They way they go about telling the story is just so much more complex and complicated than that. Really really well done. So surprised its only got a 67%

Don S (ag) wrote: Definitely the worst Farrelly brothers movie I've seen. I didn't laugh once at this "comedy" centered on a pair of conjoined twins. The acting is okay, and it does have Eva Mendes in bikini. Starts off moderately silly and ends up maudlin. Skip it.