Cousin Angelica

Cousin Angelica

When the single middle-aged Luis travels from Barcelona to bury the remains of his mother in the vault of his family in Segovia, he is lodged by his aunt Pilar in her old house where he spent his summer of 1936 with her. He meets his cousin Angelica, who was his first love, living on the first floor with her husband and daughter, and he recalls his childhood in times of the Spanish Civil War entwined with the present.

When the single middle-aged Luis travels from Barcelona to bury the remains of his mother in the vault of his family in Segovia, he is lodged by his aunt Pilar in her old house where he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cousin Angelica torrent reviews

Lucretia P (jp) wrote: Is it showing in Salt Lake City, July 24, 2013

Jessi L (mx) wrote: o hey i really liked this movie

Gail K (mx) wrote: I watched this immediately after, "Before Stonewall". This one actually evoked me to shout at the TV several times, especially when it showed Jesse Helms. It also brought up strong emotions with its "AIDS" coverage. Just as the "Before Stonewall" DVD I would recommend this to anyone whom is interested in the history of gay rights as well any person interested in HUMAN RIGHTS.

Miguel A (de) wrote: A minha primeira recordao do "Freejack" remonta a um poster gigante entre os muitos que o meu pai tinha na garagem. Ficava olhar para ele e a imaginar como seria um filme de aco com o Mick Jagger e o Anthony Hopkins a fumar charuto em frente a uns vitrais de igreja. Mais de 20 anos depois, o filme passou nos TV Cine e era irresistvel ver como era afinal. Bem... A verdade que o filme muito pior do que eu imaginava. O Emilio Estevez faz o papel de Alex Furlong, uma espcie de Ayrton Senna meets Indiana Jones, que v o seu corpo transportado para um futuro prximo (18 anos mais tarde) na precisa altura em que est prestes a sofrer um acidente numa corrida de frmula 1. Se o argumento parece absurdo, mais absurdo fica assim que Alex Furlong passa a ser um fugitivo (um freejack) solta num futuro noir que pretende ser uma rplica do que vimos no "Blade Runner", mas que acaba por parecer o futuro camp dos "Jetsons", com um visual extra-cheesy e uns carros perfeitamente horrveis , que lembram os da prova final do "Nunca Digas Banzai". Mas o aspecto extra-cheesy de "Freejack" s um defeito, se quisermos, porque h muito para divertir nas suas sequncias psicadlicas (de grande valor hipnaggico) e em todos os tiroteios com armas de atordoar que lanam uns raios que se espalham como a electricidade. O filme de 1992, mas parece ser de 1985. Bem menos capaz de fazer rir o papel de vilo assegurado por um Mick Jagger que d sempre a sensao de estar a ler as suas frases de um teleponto. O Anthony Hopkins, por sua vez, ainda tem cabelo e fala pontualmente atravs de ecrs a partir da sia e Austrlia (at sabermos onde sempre esteve realmente). Os nostlgicos dos filmes de aco da dcada de 90 no podem tambm perder o momento em que o Emilio Estevez diz na cara do Mick Jagger: "Well, I got a special message for you. Fuck you, asshole!". Grande momento de cinema, como devem calcular.

Nate W (ca) wrote: The elusive subject of art and the artist is boldly tackled by Jacques Rivette in "La Belle noiseuse", following French painter Edouard Frenhofer as he paints a nude model. A bare premise it may seem, but through their turbulent yet constantly evolving rapport, something beautiful is mutually created, and we see how the art is in the process, not on the canvas.

Jon A (br) wrote: Great acting from the two child leads lifts this above the usual "god-fearing patriarch needs to lighten up" faire.

Justin R (it) wrote: This movie was hilariously funny, and although can't be considered well made, could have been a lot worse. I enjoyed UHF to a pretty big amount.

Chris W (jp) wrote: Hah, nice gore. Loved it. Terrible movie.

Joe C (jp) wrote: A novel idea, a story told from the protagonist's and antagonist's POV, George Sluizer subverts the usual thriller structure and answers all the big questions early on. The rest of the running time in this unnerving thriller is spent turning the the screws on our hero as he attempts to unravel the disappearance of his girlfriend at a busy service station three years before. Slow moving and torturously tense, Sluizer shakes off any embellishment in his adaptation of Tim Krabbe's novel and hones into the crux of what makes thrillers so damn effective; our connection with a character, our inherent instinct to protect him, and the ultimate realization that we can't. The Vanishing is deeply unsettling, shakes hands with horror, at times all-too plausible and all the more horrifying for it. and if you're not discomfited by the ending, you may want to consider selling your blood as jet fuel.

Juanne M (br) wrote: An anomalous fantasy film; one that has 3-dimensional characters with real motivations, joys and sorrows. The viewer must accept the fantastical elements (the existence of God & the Devil, of black magic) in order for the plot to work. The notion that an evil bishop who practices the dark arts would be left unmolested by Rome is highly unlikely but the overarching story is so interesting that I'm willing to forgive the filmmakers this plot hole. The cast is uniformly excellent. Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer are attractive and sympathetic lovers. John Woods is appropriately menacing as the evil bishop, and Leo McKern adds the touch of humour that saves the film from becoming too mired in pathos.The cinematography is gorgeous as is the landscape photographed. And a personal "like" -- as a horse lover, the Friesan and Arab ridden by Rutger Hauer and Ken Hutchinson respectively are magnificent examples of the creature known as horse.

Dasha R (mx) wrote: ridiculously boring and too dragged out.

Ron R (nl) wrote: Wtf? I'm not sure what I saw... disjointed plot, all over the place.... Not a fan of the depiction of adoption either.

KW L (ag) wrote: Underrated. Far from perfect but a really good, enjoyable movie nonetheless. Great chemistry between Applegate and Affleck, Affleck like you'll never see him again, he's enjoyable, but as he's far down the "Serious, Serious" road now, you'll not see him anywhere near this funny and goofy again. Fantastic supporting cast, Gandolfini is so good as the gruff Dad, O'Hara so perfect as the Mom and to Gandolfini's Dad, Macy as the granddad, and others, can't imagine a better cast. Really good lines peppered throughout, overlook the odd bit here and there and just an enjoyable hour and a half.Clearly there was some struggle during production to get this made, makes you wonder what it could have been, but also clearly why a good cast is so important, and what a great cast can do to save a movie even to the point of making it an enjoyable 90 minutes.

Scott R (nl) wrote: A great dramatic romance and martial arts film. Shot beautifully and very originally choreographed.

Timothy W (fr) wrote: Passable entertainment.