Two couples go to a mutual friends wedding, and end up swapping partners.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:109 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:revenge,   wedding,   remake,  

Two couples go to a mutual friends wedding, and end up swapping partners. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cousins torrent reviews

Raymond C (de) wrote: Unique and a bit quirky this movie is excellent.

Daniel K (mx) wrote: 1.5: See the second half of my review for Tora! Tora! Tora!, which I watched just before 1911. The former is a fairly balanced picture, while the latter is about as one-sided as it gets. However, one should expect nothing less. It's no wonder that there are so many ultra-nationalists in the PRC that profess undying support for the likes of Bo Xilai. It's rather amusing that the Communists claim Sun Yat-sen as their own as well. I can easily imagine things turning south in the future, but I doubt they'll ever get as bad as the strongest hawks fear. However, I'd say it's far more likely that things will come to a head if Mitt Romney is elected President. Stubborn idiocy on both sides of the fence rarely leads to cooperation and prosperity, except as far as the military-industrial complex is concerned.

Elvira L (ag) wrote: Great movie. The quote that summarizes it all: France - "Apparement il faut que j'accepte que je vais mal." Une Amie - "Salut France ca va?" France - "Oui, ca va tres bien."

Leonard E (ag) wrote: So this movie is actually based on a Mystery Science Theater film called 'Parts: The Clonus Horror" starring Peter Graves. The concept is so intriguing, I can see why it got a shiny remake. This movie has everything it needs to be awesome, but then again, it's directed by Michael Bay. Imagine Blade Runner, directed by Michael Bay, and this is what you get. All the interesting nuance and twists are hidden behind long, pointless action sequences. It was well written, had a terrific cast, great special effects - I've never seen a director stand in the way of his own movie so much. Oh well. Now to see if I can find the Parts: The Clonus Horror MST3K on youtube... Grade C+ (B+ if not for MB).

Mon K (us) wrote: Nice little film leading up to Christmas!

Film C (mx) wrote: i love this movie i cried at the end this is a powerful true movie that you cant help but enjoy, Decaprio is brilliant and does accent brilliantly really powerful entertaining movie that shouldnt be missed!

Alan P (nl) wrote: By watching the series on which this movie is based, Eddie Murphy appears to put himself in Bill Cosby's place more than in Robert Culp's.

Catherine M (ag) wrote: Simplistic, trite plot. Suitable only for the simple minded. Don't waste you time watching this movie

Andhika B (mx) wrote: First, allow me to calm myself for a minute.....Okay, done.and for the record, watching Punishment park is the most emotional experience in my 22 years of existence. This is, simply, beyond powerful. Peter Watkins, thank you, and damn you for succeded in playing with all my sense with this film. Outrage, fear, sadness, depression.. It all comes in this 90 minutes packages. I am blind at first. All i know is, Punishment Park is a work of a director, that his film, Edvard Munch, i adored so much. I didn't expect a slightest thinking that my eyes will floors with tears, my heart pounding with intense feelings, and shaken. BIG TIMES.Punishment Park tells a two parrallel stories. The first one being a tribunals hearing of some hippies waiting for their fate, and another is on the desert, in which the convicts wandering around the so called "Punishment Park". Both stories, are, equivalently devastating. Add in with Watkins genius filmmaking style, that makes this feels like an authentic documentary, really had me on my nerve. By the time the film end, all i want to do is punch the TV, and/or hug someone i love. Yes, it is that affecting.

Vessela D (jp) wrote: A really good movie but very sad and depressing as well...

Brandon S (nl) wrote: Everything that's wrong with this movie can be summed up in the title alone, in that the title means nothing. THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY is an empty phrase that plays no role in the events of the picture, and means nothing. That's all you need to know; generic, empty nothingness.