Cover Up

Cover Up

Edmund and Dorothy Yates are freed after fifteen years in an asylum. Edmund covers up for his wife who is a murderer and a cannibal and Dorothy's daughter Debbie and stepdaughter Jackie, ...

Edmund and Dorothy Yates are freed after fifteen years in an asylum. Edmund covers up for his wife who is a murderer and a cannibal and Dorothy's daughter Debbie and stepdaughter Jackie, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dominic S (us) wrote: The Player is one of the top-notch stories to hit Hollywood's door. Tim Robbins stars as Griffin Mill, a movie studio executive who spends days listening to screenwriters pitching their stories. Mill gets to decide if the story concept has a chance at being made into a feature film for their studio. Later in the film it is revealed that the studio gets around 500,000 movie pitches per year and only 12 of them actually get made into a film. Mill finds out that a screenwriter he once turned down has been anonymously sending him threatening postcards as revenge for turning down his idea. Mill finds the writer and has drink with him. After rejecting Mill's apology, the two of them get into a brawl and Mill accidentally drowns the writer. Throughout the film, Mill meets the late writer's girlfriend and Mill struggles to keep his crime under wraps as he continues with his job. The ending of this film is an exceptional bang to the entire beautiful film. This film really takes its audience into a whole new level of reality vs. what is just in the movies. This film is hilarious, entertaining and an interesting piece of art. Robert Altman's directing and cinematography is also amazing. The Player, I give you a 100%.

Era R (ru) wrote: I want to get this movie

Nathan A (es) wrote: Mind-numbingly dull. Skip.

Sarah H (us) wrote: I think that even teh extream "Christians" in this one were extream. It was pretty funny though, and redonkulous. Orlando Jones is always funny though, so no surprise there.

Ethan W (es) wrote: Too much night, not enough slaughter...

Scott C (ru) wrote: This was nowhere near as much fun as you'd think. Eddie Griffin is hilarious, but overall,it just doesn't zing well enough. I think it wanted to be to 'Shaft' what 'Austin Powers' was to 'James Bond'. It didn't reach that laugh level.

Private U (es) wrote: ce film est une merveille!

Justin A (gb) wrote: If you've never heard of this movie, its because when it was released (straight to DVD), car lots around the country agreed to buy every copy of it so that people wouldn't become aware of what goes on behind closed doors at car dealerships. The first two acts are engaging, funny, and smart, and I loved this movie 2/3rds of the way through. But the 3rd act is absoltely ridiculous as it combines all the subplots into one large, explosive climax (to give you a hint, its a mexican stand-off) and that almost ruined the movie for me. But when I thought about, even in the midst of its absurd 3rd act, I felt that "Suckers" conveyed the message it was trying to convey about the crookedness of car salesman. If you are familiar with the car business like I am because of my dad, than you'll definitely like the finer parts of "Suckers", but even if your not, I'm sure you'll enjoy its attitude and cynicism. Overall, its sort of a B-version of Mike Judge's "Office Space", lesser in its writing but stronger in its consequences and despair.

Hunter H (es) wrote: THIS was a surprise for me... and A HUGE ONE AT THAT...! I mean, the TRAILER used to freak me out... back when this was coming out...! Now I've seen the movie... and I just want to say it right now... I liked it! I end this review with a challenge to all my fellow Flixster critics out there: I DARE you to try NOT to laugh at the ending...! I mean, there's a reaction shot that when I saw it, I just couldn't stop laughing...! (I feel so much better now after letting it all out and melting that stick of "Butter". That's not even butter good enough that I would want to put on my popcorn it was so bad...! Just go read my Butter review...!)

Jay C (ag) wrote: [1013-9-7 @Spot Taipei] Love, hate, amor y odio.

gEIGERpEACE c (it) wrote: I HAVE to read the book first before i can watch this one ...but its clear something has happened and something is happening..?!

Pete L (ag) wrote: Not as bad as I thought it would be. Pretty entertaining. Peter Fonda's character while only in the movie for about 10 minutes is hilarious.

Darren R (it) wrote: Joan is great and the cinematography is pretty sharp, but the story itself is very uninteresting. It doesn't help that censorship made an already-toned down story even tamer.

Maverick G (au) wrote: I am legend excels by conveying the theme of isolation and a decent performance from Will Smith, but the cgi "infected" don't look real or scary enough to pose a real threat and the writing is wooden.

Ky K (us) wrote: Ronin is a spy thriller with notable car chases, shifting loyalties and good performances.