Covjek koji je volio sprovode

Covjek koji je volio sprovode

Filip lives in the small town of Samobor, which is near Zagreb. He works in the local library as a librarian. Even though he moved to the small town many years ago, he still misses the ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:Serbo-Croatian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Covjek koji je volio sprovode 1989 full movies, Covjek koji je volio sprovode torrents movie

Filip lives in the small town of Samobor, which is near Zagreb. He works in the local library as a librarian. Even though he moved to the small town many years ago, he still misses the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Covjek koji je volio sprovode torrent reviews

Tonya V (br) wrote: Some interesting ideas but the terrible acting and boring story lost me.

Chris R (ru) wrote: Couldn't give a shit.

Jacob C (ru) wrote: 14/100 - Another year, another poor comedy from the Sandler gang. The story isn't horrible for younger audiences, but the jokes are. They verge on inappropriate for the younger viewer and just bring disgust to parents who might be watching it. There's very little even in the way of decent voice acting to redeem Zookeeper: it's just plain bad.

Jerry D (us) wrote: One of many on this subject. great movie

stefano l (fr) wrote: I like these unconventional comedies with no pretences but just a bit of originality and misunderstandings. This one is a good one, for sure.

Stephen C (ag) wrote: From the director of the equally awful Hillside Strangler comes this terrible movie with only one saving grace .Steve Railsback is excllent as Ed Gein the notorious serial killer but apart from that performance the whole film stinks to high heaven.Its mainly due to some awful writing and direction which comes out of the Uwe Boll school of filmaking.Whats the point of making a film where the only character with and dimension to it is the evil Ed Gein.The victims are again potrayed as evil harpies and Carrie Snodgress eats and chews scenery soo much that when she dies your pleased she has gone only to turn up and be even more annoying in ghost/vision form If this is meant to be explitation cinema then its way down the lsit of classic grade Z movies in fact it makes those films look like the Godfather by comparison.

Richard D (us) wrote: I loved this. As a meditation on not just film-making, but the difficulty (or impossibility?) of making ideas concrete and also on the French film industry of the '90s, it could have been really overbearing. However, Assayas tackles his subject(s) with great humour and panache, and there is a really nuanced enegagement with orientalism in film as well as the nature of film stardom. Cheung is fantastic as herself (the scene where she gets carried away and becomes Irma Vep is incredible and iconic), and Leaud is hilarious. Its actually a shame that the update of Les Vampires that the characters lose so much sleep over was never made: Maggie Cheung would have made a great Irma Vep!

Michael W (gb) wrote: Ex Drug Enforcement Agent travels to Caribbean island to locate his missing brother, who (as it turns out) has been transformed into a mindless cyborg assassin by a drug dealing industrialist. Contains some fine storytelling. There are two sequels.

intuciic (de) wrote: nice action movie with good story line!

Archana P (au) wrote: it was interesting...very the graduate but more odd.

Sen C (es) wrote: One of the most elaborate and stylish films to date.

Phillip D (mx) wrote: In order to let the dust settle, I waited awhile to see this movie. As with all movies of this nature, 12 Years A Slave walked out to universal acclaim and ridiculously high ratings everywhere. I am pretty wary of this phenomenon. Just because a movie hits at a minority abuse point doesn't make it cinema gold. Films exist on a continuum and premises don't guarantee anything. That being said, 12 Years A Slave was an excellent movie. The acting was stellar and most importantly, no punches were pulled in the depiction of slavery. The scenarios are brutal and raw, really cutting to the core of the viewer. Ejiofor is fantastic, although those of us who are Serenity fans already knew this. Fassbender also offers up a top notch performance. The fact that this story is true just adds more weight to the movie. However, there are items that severely limit the longevity of this movie in cinematic history. Although Ejiofor and Fassbender are excellent, the performance from Nyongo'o was pretty mute, a surprising point considering her runaway Supporting Actress win. Pitt is pretty much in the movie just for awards appeal as well, an all too common occurrence that I find distasteful. I think the biggest thing that keeps this movie firmly at an 80% for me is how safe it played the game. As a whole, white and black people were fairly dichotomous in nature. One group didn't have feelings, the other did. There was a bit of talk about the psychological process of whipping slaves, but it isn't really fleshed out much and we don't get to see anyone grappling with it's effects. Cumberbatch, who offered an interesting paradox early in the film, exits quickly, which is a real shame. Pitt appears mostly as an Ex Machina figure, offering minimal depth behind his single major monologue. In conclusion, 12 Years A Slave does everything right, creating a film that is powerful, moving and right on target with current events. Unfortunately, it isn't a film that transcends itself, choosing instead to be content with ruffling no feathers and taking no risks. And what a shame that is.

Jasmine T (es) wrote: A disturbingly beautiful film. That deals with the desires and struggles of being closed off from the rest of the world. And how desire can turn into obsession. Eva Green gives a stunning performance, along side Juno Temple and Maria Valverde.

K W (ag) wrote: Good movie except for the ending... seems like they just said "Wrap it up, we've got 5 minutes". Could have been better.